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Book the History Has Repeated Vol.II

Book the History Has Repeated Vol.II
Briyumba With Mayombe.


Gurufinda--------------------------------------------------------------------# 10-11.

My witness Cabo Vela----------------------------------------------------------#12-14.

I am not a Critic of the Religions, buta defender-----------------------------#15-16.

History do not Change---------------------------------------------------------#17-19.

Agreement to mount a Kidembata---------------------------------------------------#20.

I dedicate his edition-----------------------------------------------------------#21.

Treaty to do a tie------------------------------------------------------------#22-23.

Agreement of the Mambos-------------------------------------------------------#24-29.

The godparents are like parents-----------------------------------------------#30-34.

Nor I am an Unexpectd Gangulero----------------------------------------------# 35-39.

The Treaty, of Katiyembe----------------------------------------------------#40-41..

Treaty to Untie a Peson----------------------------------------------------------#42.

For the Enemies-----------------------------------------------------------------#-43.

To get out a Person from Prisión-------------------------------------------------#44.

To Untie any Work----------------------------------------------------------------#45.

To Untie Two Person--------------------------------------------------------------#46.

To Destroy A Palero-----------------------------------------------------------#47-48.

In Cuba You Never Kind of Problem---------------------------------------------#49-51.

Bath for Love’ S Good Luck----------------------------------------------------#52-53.

Treaty Of the Four Nganga-----------------------------------------------------#54-55.

This person’s that I’ m about to Mention------------------------------------------56.

Treaty Of The Tambula(Marihuana)------------------------------------------------#57.

Tambula for the Gangulero---------------------------------------------------------58.

Treaty for the Retired Person above Nganga------------------------------------#59-65.

These Are The Fourteen signature Madre Agua-----------------------------------#66-79.
I am Ging to go Ahead Ans Say Something to ireteunfa--------------------------#80-82.

History Repeats Again---------------------------------------------------------#83-84.

The Treaties Of Briyumba Cannot be Chand--------------------------------------#85-87.

Treaty Of Centella Ndoki And Zarabanda----------------------------------------#88-96.

Chistopher Columbus never was who discoverd anything--------------------------97-101

In my visits to Cuba--------------------------------------------------------#102-104.

Bath For Love---------------------------------------------------------------#105-106.

We are the Responsible of allwing-----------------------------------------------#107.

Firs lon the list are mrs.Eloisa Mosqueda Mothen Nkis---------------------------#108.

Another thing that I want to clear------------------------------------------#109-110.

For the bad things, the black kuava-----------------------------------------#111-116.
This Religion Briyumba With Mayombe------------------------------------------117-119.

When you start to talk of Stick Mayombe-------------------------------------#120-121.

Bath for Love---------------------------------------------------------------#122-123.

I’m very easy to be Found-------------------------------------------------------#124.

Now, I arrived to the Unites State 31 year----------------------------------#125-126.

All the Talk Sons Of Chango-------------------------------------------------#127-132.

All the Religions Need Dedication--------------------------------------------133-134.

That’s why with me no they can go whith thas Story---------------------------135-136.

Treaty on how to Corners-----------------------------------------------------137-138.

Treaty of the in the Laurel in the Stick of Mayombe------------------------------139.

Treaty Vititi Congo--------------------------------------------------------------140.

The Treaty of Ochanlá--------------------------------------------------------141-142.

Treaty of bad Ndoki----------------------------------------------------------143-145.

About the Autor--------------------------------------------------------------146-147.
ISBN 978-0-9840827-9-7 0-9840827-9-4

Gurufinda of the nganga.

You look for three pieces of cloth, one blue, one brown and another black, to the black you make the signature of devarata compone, the name of the person (s) that doesn’t like you, to the blue cloth you make the signature of Centella Ndoki sun sun vira vira, and to the brown you make the signature of Pititanga with the names of the enemies to that relationship, make the signature of Dambala Mundo on the floor, you look for a dark bottle, put inside the bottle the name of those persons You put some dust of “palo vencedor”, “vence batalla”,“raspa lengua” “cambia rumbo”, “cambia voz”, and many different types of cemetery grounds, different types of crazy ants, little water from the river, and from the ocean (you take the ocean water when its strong), dust of a dead, seven peppers, sulfur, mercury, red die, dry wine, red wine, sweet wine, firewater, chamba, and ashes of natural charcoal.

Everything above mentioned you put it on top of the nganga, you take a black rooster, and you take out the tongue, you take seven different types of thread including a black one, you write the names of the persons with the ash of the natural charcoal, and you put it inside the bottle, including the different colors of cloth, you seal the bottle with a cork, then you ask the nganga if you can hang it from a tree that have the branches moving, and for seven days you spit on it, cursing the names that are inside the bottle. On the twenty- first day you ask permission to nganga to throw the bottle to the ocean, before you throw the bottle to the ocean, shut it with twenty-one shots of gun powder.
This nsara its done when a godson have disrespect his godfather.
The godfather must arrange a meeting with all the nganga godsons. With the majority of votes the godson is punish with 21 lashes or more. If the guilty one does not agree, he’s removed from the house for life, you take his name, the one that he took above nganga, you make the signature of Centella Ndoki Monte Oscuro on the ground, and above the signature the name of that godson, you light up a lamp in front of nganga, you put somr pierde rumbo dust, baria dust, raspa lengua, palo caja, you also put nine charges of gun powder on top of the name, deer powder, you give one cat to the cloth, you spread some chamba and firewater, you cover the cloth with a black handkerchief and then you drag it.We will see who will be victorious if the barreta or the mandarria, if all the godfathers would do this, the godsons should be walking straight like the mpemba.
Remember that above nganga there are no sentiments, if the godmothers or godfathers would do the same things there would be more respect for them. That it’s why I don’t do anything to my family. I Let them look for there own godfathers, I don’t keep any sentiments, my trust is my family Zarabanda and it is Briyumba with Mayombe my oldest brother.

My Witness Cabo Vela
You cannot combine Families with the Religions; few were the elders in the past that consecrated their families. There is an old saying in this religion “what you don’t earn, no one will appreciated, and what you owe to Congo its very clear. My godfather once told me never to consecrate someone of my family above nganga, and I heard him very clear, his advises helped me very much. Today I’m an old men with out worries, trust congo mi josico Buena criansa vale mucho.The first ones that do a big mistake are the godsons, don’t matter if they’re cousins, nephews or brothers and sometimes even the grandchildren. I have two granddaughters that have to “rayarse”, I looked for a godfather and Mr. Alberto Espinosa consecrated them. I’m not a selfish men, and I don’t like to talk bad of a person when he is not present, I always try to help people when they are worth it, the treaties and pacts should be respected, because the word of congo its not lard, all the tatas that have consecrated some of there families have problems with them, the first that start criticizing are them, because they now that you are not going to put nganga behind, now with this I’m not saying that you should do this, every person have a world of its own, and they do whatever they want, I’m not criticizing who ever do this, but I do now that Briyumba have two friends, Bacafula and Mutambre, but he does not have any family, and this is for you to now it well. There is a saying hat goes like this: I take back what I said but my thoughts remain the same. But we still have to give a lesson to those stupid godsons, who ever children they are, criollismo of the santeros. Formerly the godparents and the godmothers were visiting the Babalaos. The babalaos were extracting the Guardian angel of there future adopted godson and crowned them saint that said Orula; this was done for many years, which was always a very sacred word. What nowadays many godparents and godmothers do the opposite, due to the fact that was what Orula said. For example he said that the Guardian angel of this person is Chango, and the godmother or the godfather are son of Ochun, They change the guardian angel to the person and make him another saint, it came in desire to the godparents not to lose there godson, without importing anything for them.Going on overhead from the sacred word of Orula, can you believe that reader? You think this is the right thing? Then, this person is wretch for the rest of his life, only to probably say, “I have another godson”, but later the problems come for the godson, and his bad situation increases more every day. Then the first thing they will do to him its ifa. Without knowing if orumila will accept him in the great field of respect, what many will do for making money, they will do what ever they can, and there are not even times the very same orula knows that such person will do ifa, because its not he’s path. They think that performing ifa, all their problems are going to be solved, if they already betrayed the word of Orula from the beginning, how can orumila accept this. Knowing well that they have betrayed the guardian angel of the person, later they believe that doing him ifá remedies the problems, and situation of the godson. That’s why we are were we are, everyone must accept what god has given us, it is not less true than the only real children of orumila are all the sons of melli. But now in this new millennium they make anyone Ifa, without carrying who falls.That's why I am gangulero and breeze that the wind takes. Since orula send signs of curses to this persons. Why? Because these godparents knowing that they were doing things bad from the beginning, and later they want the godson to pay the broken plates, and it happens often here in the U.S.A, because the things that orula said are not done. Because the fact is that here there is a lot of power, but it’s the godson that gets bother, later on it is those persons that dump the saints as it has happened in several occasions, and the saints are not guilty of anything, but those godparents who commit these barbarian errors with there godsons, and the fault never appears. Before everything I want to clarify that I am not babalao, but know of this religion. It does not matter to me how people call me, I only say the truth of the religions, and I defend them and even give up what I do not have for them, but there are those to try to cheat people, because later they blame all of us, I am not against anybody, but do not judge all of us equally, each one of us must know up to where we can become, and if you don’t now, look for a trusted person to teach you, and do things right, to the Iyabo feature. In order that the people do not say that the santeros, that it does not sound right, better them to say “santero John Doe”, I repeat again I am not a child of nipple in this religion, in order that they tell me a childish story.Today they make a person a saint, the first thing they do to this person its Ifa. Without the person having that path, only to say I have a godson babalao in house, if the whole world is not endowed by Olofi to become Ifá, and they spoil the person.Let's think well to do the things, I have seen so many things that up to sorrow and sadness gives me, If it wasn’t for the faith which I have, and the tests that these religion have given me, I would be one more inside the sack of the atheists, but I found the persons that knew what they were doing to me, that’s why I allways thank Zambi. I want you to know that I am son and grandson of the sanctorales Family, with a lot of knowledge.

Treaty to do a Tie.
I brought this treaty from Cuba in 1980, by the bay of Mariel, that I love so much, and this agreement forms a great part of my life. I gave this treaty to several tatas nkizas in that year, one was Antonio Valdes Rojas (nico el cojo, tata nkiza of Remolino Tiembla Tierra Briyumba Congo, the owner of“My Glory Botanica”, located at 8010 Seville Ave. Huntinton Park Ca. Another one was Coboy tata Nkiza Zarabanda Rompe Monte, located at 2729 Bear Ave. Bell California. Enrique Moreno, tata kniza of Siete Rayo Mundo Nuevo Carire, and to the godson of the deceased Juan Yanez that were living in South Gate, California. You must be very sure before a work is done, either a breakage or tie, you must first the nganga for permission, and ask him what signature will protect that work, the signatures are to guide the nfumfe to were the work its going. There are some tatas that do some work in front of the nganga feet, and they don’t make any signatures. Then they can be angry at there nganga, because they didn’t saw any results. The signatures in this religion are very important in order that everything its done, goes out well, I am sure that these tatas did not do the things well and they did not ask his nganga, and the nganga killed these gentlemen. They are well known by all those who met them here in California. Like all those false things that a small group of prophets are doing, inventing of Briyumba, Briyumba it’s keeping their punishment. To do this tie, you look for twenty-one violet bells, a women’s period, saliva of hair, ground were he (she) walks, the name of the person, dust of a dead, for me, I can more then you, baria, you make a bag, azogue, red precipitate, yellow, ground of a cemetery, smoked jutia and fish.This work it’s done on Holy week, you sew it, then you give it two nine roosters, eight black and one grifo, you then spread some blood in a plate, you toast it and you give it to the person, the person has to shower for seven consecutive days with quita maldición

Nor I am an unexpected gangulero.
My knowledge say everything. Because the secret already says the word, secret. Nobody that it’s part of this religion have to know what we swear, when we swear.
What they want to look for is popularity, to be made count like so, in order to let themselves be known. Or to invent something to people that don’t know anything of this religion,

They presume what they will never be or never had, in any event they want to have the fame that doesn’t belong to them and will never have. The Christian dies and the fame it’s left behind, and nobody will remember them, of the good things they did it is always good to remember them, but the bad things they are always forgotten. There are many knowledgeable ganguleros in exile, which over the years they have remain silent. But the time has come to put the mululongos a stop, and to live Briyumba alone, now, the very intelligent persons are the ones that always ask to learn something of any treaty, or secret, who knows, and he’s always saying he doesn’t know, that’s the one that knows. I have always been an admired of Mr. V. Vilas, wish for me, he is a great teacher, he once said that he’s heart was the chamber of a dead, and it was closed forever, I have always been an admirer of great prophets, and that it’s why I always listen to famous words, they are filled with reality and logical things. Not of nonsense words, and dirty vocabularies filed with lies and false statements. I am not a leader and much less an imposter, I defend what belongs to me, knowledge I have to defend myself from false prophets, and I ask respect for what I love, Briyumba with Mayombe, I have heard so many strange things, and I have never heard of a written document that congo left with many lies and they want to make them laws. I am a Gangulero from the heart and you can talk to me from the significant of a song to the place where Mariata Ponde was born. Like the Congo said. Mbonda mbonda saura, could there be something that functions? Talk something that function? Not stupid or trash things. Now we all were not born to dominate one nganga, there are some that have it, and they are always in trouble, I will gladly give an opinion of Briyumba to the person who ask. Any time he is not a hypocrite, because I don’t want to be like Marukutu, lonely. But do things right above Briyumba Congo.

I don’t believe if I have a nganga, and I’m putting my duties to the nganga, how he’s not going to protect me, and be the laugh of everyone, being in prison, and taking a leak in a little bottle, when the ngnaga that I have its not good anymore, I just throw it away, and put another one, anyways nothing its eternal, that its why I’m tatankiza. I don’t deny my self to teach no one, I always wanted to have Briyumba for the rest of our lives. \
We, the Cotalima people don’t know that Cotalima was born from Sambranu Nsasi Cotagumbo Cilombo Kaguembe Saca Mpeño Briyumba with Mayombe in the northeast of Nigeria, and Cotalimba had six brothers.When I talked of Cotalimba, because I was consecrated an nguello in the house of Santiago Varela, Cuba in the year of 1961, for reasons that I never understood, and don’t understand, they never made me father nkisi malongo yaya, but thank God, today I posses a lot of knowledge and wisdom, that perhaps I would never had learned, I am what I am and I would have never had learned it in Cotalimba, because all those old men’s were very hypocrites, and if I talk like this, its because many Cotalimba people have change there roots,

In combination with my mpangui the Cotalimbas, perhaps that was my destiny. Also we know that we are born here and die over there, better said we are drawn over there, and we are consecrated in another house, if in the final, the nganga above did not aggravated, hundreds are born and hundreds die, Like this, are the treaties of Briyumba. Because I was born for the religion and of this time its witness, then I waited to grow up, and I liked it because I saw many things. Learning on the side of them, that in the proper time they criticized my godfather, they began to like me, and they started giving me some treaties, a few years later I met Juan Nodarse tata nkiza Marian Guerra Cuatro Viento Basura Monte Escoba Barre kebarre Briyumba with Mayombe and I still remember him, because he gave me some good treaties. They help me understand that Briyumba was like an Atomic bomb, invisible, that when it explodes there is no one that can stand it, I also met Armando Canto Junco, and he also taught me many things. I was a walking gangulero, I arrived at Matanza with out having any family, there I also met the great Eugenia Diago, mother of Siete Rayo Briyumba Congo, and she also gave me a hand in the year of 1964. I also met Julian Sama tata nkiza of centella Ndoki Cotafilo Comulemba, and then I left to Camagüey like an old wise men when I was still a young men in search of wisdom, and there I met with three wise old men, the first men that I saw was Mr Zoilo Porro de Onda in Camaguey, the godfather of Chicho Viramundo, Carlos Manuel Amentero, in Bembeta, before Camaguey I met Mr, Chicho, because I was still a young men he didn’t trust me. Because they were an eminence in wisdom, and they even ask me who was I. And what kongo occupation I had above nganga, when I tiold them that I was a tata nkiza, they started laughing on my face, but I had respect for them and I keep on visiting them, because the one who persist always reaches the goal, knowing well that those men were tremendous. And they never paid attention to me, and then I felt in love with a cousin of Chicho Viramundo. Maria Luisa that was living or still she is living on Palma Street, house #18, Camaguey, Cuba, then he found me in a shelter of Camaguey called Froilan Kiro, very close to the central highway. And he asked me if it was true that I was with her cousin, and I answer him “yes”, then he asked me were was I from, and I answered him “from Guanabacoa”, and my godfather’s name was Bienvenido el Lembankita, then he asked me for the address and I gave it to him, all three of them wrote a letter to my godfather, and the only thing I said to them was that I wanted to be there friend. And then they started to call me to perform the duties of manzanero, to throw out the witchcrafts and someone else clean ups, and just like that I started to win there trust of those wise men. In two years I saw there first swearing, then after that (since I had already won there trust) they started giving me some treaties, because they already knew that I didn’t lie to them they never told me that my godfather had answer them back, I spend nine years lieving in the City of Camaguey. I met many Briyumberos, like Mr. Rogelio pata de leña, Koquin of Mundo Finda, better known as vende vende, also I met with topa con siete. Then I proceed my journey to the east, and I stop at Holguin, at the house of a great friend Mr. Machado, bicycle Champion, in the 1960’s, well known in Horguin. And I asked him were did an old gangulero by the name of Samuel Gubenal Santiestaban lived, and he told me that he lived on the cross hill, and then I met to youngsters like me, in a party that was in this park by name Pueblo Nuevo Horguin Oriente. We started to talk and we identified ourselves, and I asked them if they knew Samuel Gubenal, one of them with a grotesque expression answered me that he was he’s godfather, and why was I looking for him, and I answered him that he did not had any business knowing what I wanted to talk with his godfather.
Since I wasn’t from that town, on the third day that man started looking for me, And since I was very easy to find, because I wasn’t from that town, he found me right away, then I told him that a couple of days before I have met with Chicho Viramundo, Zolio Porro and Tata Almentero, with a calm expression he ask me what did I want from him, and very seriously I answer that I only wanted to be his friend, and that I wanted to learn. Then he started to ask me were did my religion roots were coming from, and who was my godfather, what was my position above nganga, I told him that my godfather was Bienvenido Lembankita, and I was consecrated as tata nkisa of Zarabanda Siete Mpaca. Lemba congo Congolemba Briyumba with Mayombe.

Then he took me to his nganga, and he ask the nganga if it was true what I said, the chamalongo told him yes, and he started to show affection toward me, and he taught me what I wanted to know, the treaty of Monte Obscuro, and the treaty of Ceja Monte, this two he gave them to me, afterwards I arrived at Trinidad, providence of Santa Clara, there I knew Mr. Carlos Martinez Arango. The only gangulero around that was in this small port called Casilda en Trinidad. He was tata nkiza de Zarabanda Verdugo Nfinda Mpenga Carire Briyumba Congo.
Domingo B. Lage (Entuala-kongo)

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