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Book the Historiy Has Repeated.Vol.# III.

Historiy Has Repeated.Vol.# III.

It is fascinated-------------------------------------------------------------------5.


Signatures of Brazo Fuerte------------------------------------------------------8-14.

Signatures of Centella Ndoki------------------------------------------------- –15-35.

Signatures of Dambala----------------------------------------------------------36-51.

Signatures of Tiembla Tierra---------------------------------------------------52-72.

Signatures of Kuballende-------------------------------------------------------73-92.

Signature of Dambala-----------------------------------------------------------93-95.

The Ozian of Zarabanda -----------------------------------------------------------96.

Work to Merry a Person-------------------------------------------------------- 97-98.

Treaty when you have a bad godson-------------- ----------------------------------99.

Treaty to prepare a Kindembata----------------------------------------------—100-107.

I dedication.------------------------------------------------------------------- 108.

I am Goingo----------------------------------------------------------------------109.
The Signatures-------------------------------------------------------------------110.

Treaty of the Mambos (songs of stick)----------------------------------------111-115.

The stick is a stick-------------------------------------------------------- 116-118.

History has repeated-------------------------------------------------------- 119-121.

This are the Mambos of Lucero—-----------------------------------------------122-128.


Work to Un-Tie a Person----------------------------------------------------------136.
For the Enemies------------------------------------------------------------ -----137.

To take someone out of Jail----------------------------------------------------- 138.

To Un-tie any Work ------------------------------------------------\-------------139.

To Join Two Person---------------------------------------------------------------140.

To fight, when you have reasons----------------------------------------------141-146.

Religious Alert--------------------------------------------------------------147-148.

False religions----------------------------------------------------------------- 149.

Sala Kiamboto.

To all those false religious prophets, not only they lack the great knowledge, but also some ethics and wisdom, creation and the heroics in order to do there creation, with the confirmation of the wise man. Instead they have the instinct to destroy and the faculty to criticized, and that is really there envy, that is why the most aggressive ones become critics.
The critics are the enemy of the wise man. All of those that don’t ever went to a University become critics, they never could create something, they just want to destroy everybody, and there small dirty mentality, and there sick visualization, are there to deform those atoms that are beautiful. The wise man plant on earth, in the form of he’s marvelous writings, in that god with grace of the lavish, that in it you hear the heart beats of the literal conscious, and the literal knowledge of the beautiful university.
Nature has given the instinct to the critics for that thing, to hate the writer that knows.
Do the writers desperate the critics? That is the only comfort of there terrible lives, very sad. If there were any critics. Who would entertain the writer? the critic with out common sense? He is the monkey who make people laugh with he’s ignorant fables, and he is always hanging from he’s tail on the trees, sad is the envy, but we know that envy is the way of living of the in moral, it is also the worst thing of society, that many use as a shield to live as an in moral.

There desperate lives are very important gestures, it is a way to protest against the wise man, very sincere, that perhaps if it wasn’t very despicable, and it could have been much moved. The critics do not forgive the intelligent, but they do live from others, there most great defect is not there lower ness, is there ungratefulness and there envy of not being able to do the same things, by what a critic is known? They are known by the celebrity that is under them. The wise man criticized: who is the monkey? He who never had a moral thing on he’s adolescence, and he has spend all he’s childhood criticizing the wise man, that is called “envy”, and they are called false prophets, the veracity of the critics are ungrateful, like the parasites that are hidden in the stomach of those ignorant, they live by them, and they feed from them, they drink the blood from there bilis, but they remain as eternal insects, perhaps that is the reason of there own spite, of there own ignorance, spites make moral marks. The genius writer, the true writer, ignore he’s own time, or make a gesture in ignoring it, it is not in them, but it is above the envious people, or in front of them, they don’t follow, they are dominate this with there wisdom and he guides it, it is not the love of he’s time. The wise man announces him self and he also denounces him self, a stray person lives drowned in he’s silence, and he needs to be discovered. What distinguished the wise man from a envious person, is the will to triumph, what we can distinguished from meritocracy is the thirst of not knowing. To love ignorance is what distinguished a mediocre person, to obtain it is the definite consecration of an envious, that is why they love so much to claim, they are the typical voices and factor of the cheap celebrity. Why the mediocre have to complain if it is a point or a coma? There heads cannot give them more, can you imagine that? The loneliness for a writer is heaven, from the beginning of times. While everybody goes behind an event, he seems to go towards the disaster, when the mediocre are celebrating there easy triumph, the writer closes he’s fist to the hard victory, the false prophets want to acquire the celebrity. The wise man wants to have the immortality, the envious people think in victory, only the sabilongo arrives to glory. I learned from the wise man, and not from the envious ignorant, because the ignorant’s and the analphabets don’t have anything to teach me, I know that many ignorant people criticized me, but what can I do? Since I am an arcaico man, they have criticized me in writing my first book, but the reality is like that, I have never ask nothing from anybody, and not even nothing from these false religious prophets. Thank you very much. Entuala-Kongo.

The stick is a stick

It’s not a joke, I am not a baby with bottle to here those stories from manigueros, that they try to intimidate the people that don’t know anything so they can do there little theater. I make a call to all those sabilongos of kunanchila (heart), that when they are in a yimbula and they here stupid things to stop the music, because they are like AIDS, that spreads al around, at least with me when I’m around there is limit, they know very well that before the Mariel.

Here in California there was supposedly many imposter tatas, that were doing and undoing things and they have disappear, because us, the true ganguleros will go with them and we will step on them like a pitirre, and the many that will stay here will live the good life. Many ganguleros like Lazaro Alfaro (el vititi), Juan Cabeza, Betun Ofarri, Alberto Espinosa, Victor Lugones, Roberton “el Onic”, Chango, and many more, and I’m always watching those liers, but today there is another plague of Managueros that they know very well I’m against them, they dedicate there lives talking bad of godfathers and of somebody else godsons, and they try to steel the godsons with there sheep lies.

Those people that talk of someone in there back, to me in my concept is that they don’t have any knowledge, there might be some kind of understanding why they talk on there back, is either they are afraid of the person and the second is that probably they feel envy of that person, perhaps they can do the same things, there are many person’s that say I am a man, that word of three letters is very big, the commandments of a man, figure many points that we must follow, first of all when we say something we must keep our word, Don’t talk of no one when he is not present, if you belong to a religious group don’t fall in morbidity, and don’t let no one talk bad of a person in front of you, because the you will be accomplice of those disgusting things, and don’t be involved in sayings, what name would you put him, because I have found one for them: “that ring for that finger”, “marramusia Criolla” how can we permit that from this disgusting people, to grab Briyumba for those things, it was because of us they lost there lives in open sea and they loved Briyumba. Many family members say “he has forgotten about us” and in reality they are dead. This is why I have dedicated my life to write.

I also write because my mother ask me to do it, she said to me “don’t become stubborn or a lonely man like Marukutu, and what ever you know share it with the people, they will benefit from your wisdom, and even when you past away they will remember you, and your name will rename in history, even the dead people enjoy there remembrance.

And even if I am the a bad person that exist in a foreign country, my name will be mention in the future, either will be for good or bad, also some enemies of mine will ask for my permission. I have never been a mama’s boy; I have always liked to have the liberty of my own destiny, I have never depended of no one, because I like to say things, and not to be told what to do.

Not like some cheep paleritos and santeros that live here in California. I have sleep under the bridges; this was also form from a treaty of the congos from the past, and that is why I write a book in order for those paleritos sons of mama know very well that I’m not just any man, that sometimes I act like a dead man in order to see if that funeral pleases me.

This is why they cant bug me, and every person that have been on my side know this, I have never talk to them of Briyumba because they have trash in there ears, and they have kept me silent. Perhaps many of them ask me “ I have never known that you knew something of this religion”, what is going on is that many want to be Coca-Cola, and they don’t even become a lime, but me, like always, I say I don’t know, I am not a product to be announcing my self, the one that says they don’t know nothing, is because they know, and the one that intimidates do this because he does not know anything, that is why I always say “I don’t know”, in the house I don’t know, and I have learned what I know, this is why I have become an old man, the only way you will learn is by saying I don’t know, in the street’s you will find someone to teach you, this is the perfect place to learned, not in the house.

With this I’m telling you that I am ready for any critic, aplause, or scandals I also know that I’m not a golden coin so that everyone will love me, I am a child of Briyumba, and I love it with all my heart, I dont care what every body else think, or what they say or what they want to say. This is why I’m pretty sure about it and all those people that feel ofended of this book. The critis must have a base and acceptance, because if you want to talk to me, you must come very straight like a mpemba, talk about treaties with out lies or managuas, misterius treaties like the congos where the ones that formed things, they dont have to come and tell me a western story, that those I know them very well, allways the bad guys die. This is Briyumba and it has always been said that the student learns from the teacher, and I learned from them and like many have also, like the old saying of Mundo Cotalima says: “buena criyumba buen candango”.

I will give an advise to all the ganguleros, whenyou are teaching some one and they jump on you, dont let your felings wet on the way, throw him out, it can be a family member or who ever, because that person will never be grateful, either to you or some one else, and of this I can say it by experience, teach some one that deserves it and loves Briyumba, that is not an hypocrite, why would you want to make a parasite in this beautiful religion, I have many miles than an airplane of world war two, so they cant tell me a sheep story of Briyumba. What I really know is that those old man were not hypocrites and they were not fooling around when they were saying something, just like those people say, what you owe to congo is very clear and a cent and a half does not have any change.

I know this will fall like a bomb shell to the managueros, but there is still time that they learn something of Briyumba, they can learn so many things, and they have to live all the inventions on the side, or perhaps we have to learn new things. The ganguleros of todays time think that just by showing the rag by television is a thing to applaud, and they don’t know that this form a part of showing up, and they loose the power of the nfumbe, we have never seen a tata take pictures of there rag and not even to show it on television.
All the ngangas that are shown in a museum do not have powers, not even the ones that are shown on television, I am not part of those disgusting things, and I’m not an improvise gangulero, my knowledge says it all, because the secrets, and the word say it (secrets), no one that is not inside of her have the right to know what we swear when we swear, what they look for is an opportunity to be counted and be known, or to invent things to person’s that don’t know anything of this religion, tell them things that they never did, they just want some fame, fame that don’t belong to them and they will never have.

Christian die and fame stays with the criollo, and of them nothing will remain, we will always remember the good things they did, but the shit things we will forget them very fast.

There are many ganguleros from exile, with major mark, with great knowledge that they have acquired from years, we have remain silently, but now is the hour to put this managueros a stop, and live Briyumba alone.
Now, the intelligent person is the one that ask questions to learn, it can be of any treaty, or secret, the one that know and says he doesn’t know, is the one that knows, I have always be an admirer, this for me is a great teacher, the one that said that he’s heart was the chamber of a dead and closed it has always been.

I have been an admirer of great wise man, this is why I have listened the clever words, and they are filed with realities and logic. Not stupid words, I don’t consider my self a leader or an impostor, I defend what belongs to me, and what I defend and I think that belongs to me is called Briyumba with Mayombe. I have heard many strange things, and as of today a written document has not been made, that congo has said, that is a lie, know another thing is that those managueros want to put this as law. I am a gangulero, and you can ask me the meaning of any song, even where Mariata Ponde was born, there is no tell, like congo said “Mbonda kere embonda mbonda saura”.

Let’s talk something that is useful, not stupid things, or trash. We were not all born to dominate one nganga, there are some that have it and they are always in problems. The person that ask me for an opinion about Briyumba I will give it to them, and he is not and hypocrite, because I don’t want to be like Marukutu Tosco and alone, but they must do things right above Briyumba Congo. I don’t believe if I have an nganga and I’m always putting the menesteres it will not protect me, and be the laugh of everyone, like being in prison and doing my necessities in a bottle, when an nganga does not work for me I simple throw it and I put another one, besides, nothing last for ever, that is why I’m a tata nkiza, and knowledge I do have, I have never said to a person “I’m not going to teach you” I’ve always wanted to have Briyumba for the rest of my life. Many of us from Cotalimba don’t know that cotalimba was born in Sabranu Nsasi Cotagumbo Cilombo Kaguembe Saca Mpeño Briyumba con Mayombe, in the north of Nigeria, many years ago.
That cotalima had six brothers and when I talked of cotalimba, because I was consecrated like nguello! At the house of Santiago Varela, in San Miguel del Padron, Habana, Cuba in the slave years. This is when they took out Zarabanda Mpemba Cotafinda Manilongo Briyumba, Mother of water Cotalifo Briyumba Congo. Sambranu Nsasi Cotalemba Briyumba Congo.

Zarabanda ceja monte Cotalimba Briyumba Congo, then they took out many years ago Zarabanda Cotalimba Marikibono Bacheche Briyumba with Mayombe, then a few years later, that I don’t remember very well they took out Sambranu Nsasi Cotalimba Makiribono Bacheche Briyumba congo, then in Cuba there where many running in rule, because many old wise man did not wanted to take out Bluma Bluma Cotalima Candango Ndoki, and the same thing with Briyumba Congo, those old man did nover wanted to say the reason, I really don’t know this, they were always in silent, and of this no one have talk about it. Something like this happened to me when my godfather gave me Zarabanda Siete Mpaca Rompe Monte Lembakongo Kongolemba Briyumba with Mayombe. That old man always said that a youngster could never have a fundament. I don’t want to say that they where anti-youngsters, that’s not the case, probably they cannot have an nganga of that age because they are mature enough, but my godfather use to say Lembankita send him, and if it was for something bad it was fine, and also they were waiting for something good, because I was born for this religion and kimboya (time) will be a witness.

Then I grew up and I waited and I liked it because I saw many things, learning things by the side of those wise man, and with the wisdom of those old man and my godfather and grandfather, that in a given time they criticized my godfather and they taught me and gave me treaties.

Then, years past and I knew Juan Nodarse tata nkiza, that I also remember him because he gave me very good treaties, and they helped me understand that Briyumba was very valuable, it’s like an invisible bomb that when it explodes there will be nobody that will stop it, and that is why I respect it, I also met Armando Canto Junco and he also taught me many things. I was a walking gangulero, I arrived at Matanza without a family, there I met Eugenia Diaga mother of Siete Rayo Briyumba Congo, and she also gave me her hand, I also met Julian Sama, tata nkiza of Centella Ndoki Cotafilo Comulemba, then I left for Camaguey, like an old traveler being a young man, in look for wisdom and knowledge, there I met three wise man, the first one was Zoilo Porro of Onda street on the corner with the brothers Aguero in Camaguey, the godfather of Chicho Viramundo, Carlos Manuel Almentero, in Bembeta, behind the cemetery of Camaguey, and the one and only Chicho Vira, they did not trust me because I was a youngster, and they had very much knowledge, and they even ask me who was I, and what business did I had above nganga, I told them I was tata nkiza, and they started laughing, but I respected them and continue to visit them, because the person that preserves will get to his destiny. Knowing very well that those man were tremendous with there knowledge, and they did not pay any attention to me, then I felt in love with a cousin of Chicho Viramundo, Mrs. Maria Luisa and she used to live on Palma #18, between Tio Perico and Montera, Camaguey, Cuba, then he found me one day on a play in Camaguy called Froilan kiro, very closed to central highway, and he ask me if it was true that I was with her cousin, and I told him that it was true, he ask me that were was I from and I told him from Guanabacoa, and my godfather was “bienvenido the Lembankita”, then he asked me for my address and I have it to him, the three of them wrote a letter to my godfather, and the only think I told them was that I wanted to be there friend, then they started to call me to do the work of manzanero, and to throw the witchcraft and the cleaning, and like that I started to gain there trust, I saw the first swear from those man when two years past, then, since I already had there trust they gave me my first treaty, because at that point they knew I did not lie to them, my godfather had answer them, and they did not let me know, I spend four years living in the city of Camaguey, and there
I met many Briyumberos, like Blaco Rogelio pata de leña, koquin el Mundo Finda, better know as vende vende, topa con siete. I resume my journey headed east, and I stopped at Holguin, in the house of a great friend from the family Machado, he was the champion of bicycle riding, he was well known in Horguin, and I ask him were an old palero used to lieve, he’s name was Samuel Gubenal Santi esteban and he told me he was lieving on the cross hill, then I met two young man, they were like me at that time, in a party that was in a park from a town that was called Pueblo Nuevo, Horguin Oriente. We started talking, and we identify ourselves and I asked them if they knew Samuel Gubenal, and one of them with a grotesque way responded me that he was he’s godfather and why I was looking for him, I responded him that what my business with he’s godfather was not of he’s concern, then, after three days that man was looking for me, and since I was very easy to find, he found me right away, I told him that a few days ago I was with Chicho Viramundo and Zolilo Porro and tata Almentero, with a calm face he told me what I wanted, very seriously I told him that I wanted to be he’s friend and I wanted to learn, what so many supposedly paleros do here, then the questioning started about my religious background, what house did I belong to, and who was my godfather, what work did I had above nganga, and I told him that my godfather was Bienvenido Lembankita, and that I was Zaramabda Mpaca Lembankongo Kongolemban Briyumba con Mayombe, and those man started to laugh at my face, and ith a sign of respect I lowered my head, with my eyes cover with tears, because it was not very easy in those days to approach those great man, I also knew because of my humbleness and respect I was welcome everywhere, then he took to me the feet of he’s nganga, and he ask if it was true what I was saying, the chamalongo told him that it was true, then he developed some affection for me and started teaching me what I wanted to know, that it was the treaty of Monte Oscuro and the treaty of Ceja Monte, and he gave me both treaties.

After that I arrived at Trinidad, providence of Santa Cruz, with Carlos Martinez Arango, the only gangulero that used to live in a small port in Cuba, he was called Casilda tata nkiza de Zarabanda Verdugo Nfinda Briyumba Congo, and he taught me the treaty of katilambe.

I came back to share my knowledge with family and friends, with my sister, Regla Elsa B. Lage, mother nkisi above nganga, this are all the obstacles that I passed, sufferings, miss treaties, asking for money, and tears, in order to know what I know, now you know why I defend Briyumba a lot, because a drank many bad drinks, I knew that I was going to get wisdom and knowledge, that is why I’m not don’t agree what is done wrong, and all those old ganguleros cannot tell me they learned there knowledge at home, that the wisdom is not known in one day, you must go to a lot of work, even be a slave of the house that you belong, and even like that you don’t learn everything in the house of your godfather, even if they gave you a treaty, you must go thru storms, they think they have everything with there godfathers, and even they fight there godfathers, they become what it is known as ungrateful managueros, talkers and liars, very particularly I think that every one that make a false promise should go to hell, and the ones betrayed there godfather should go also, I have many years in the company of the godmother that made me a saint, and I respect her, and I would never disrespect her for any reason. I am not a saint, and she knows very well that I was a beast, but everything must mature, and many years ago this happened to me, because if that was not the case I still would be going to a church, but everything deserves respect, the godfathers even more, remember that today we might be godsons, but tomorrow we will be godfathers.

And after that we want to correct our godsons, we must first make the example, I also know that there are some godfathers and godmothers that are very bad. But we must always remember that they did not went out to look for us, we went out and look for them, we also know that our wine is sour, and we must accept it like that. Like the Congo said, 100 are born and 100 die, tocan mgunda simbra ndoki, botumbario soberano, all the tatas would run a way, and remember that 1 real and a half does not have any change, give me the charge misikanakua sala maleun, Malekun Sala.

Ntuala Kongo.

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