Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Afrocubanet Cultural Association Congress

The Afrocubanet Cultural Association Congress. Lemba Nkita (NALIRC). Application certification. Give name 2011.
1- Post in the religion-------------------------------------------------
3- Address---------------------------------------------------------
4- The City---------------------------------- ---------------------
5- phone (area) --------------------------------------------------
6 - date Iniciation-
7 - name of your sponsor (s)-
8 - country where you were consecrated-
Telephone number of the godparents of ceremonies * (area) -
The presentation to give the name and address-
Atestigue person-
Addresses of witness;-
Telefone - of the Voodoo witness of Haitians (area)-
Yoruba IFA and Palo Monte-
Town or city-
Other information of relevant initiation-
Date of birth-
2. Passport photos-
This application to give concerted permission to the world directory of Congress African religions of father, mother, ngueyo, tatas nkizas. I hereby affirm that the given information is correct.
The signature - day - year
100.00 dollars of membership renewals $55.00 by paleo
Please send this form by mail to national Africa Lemba Nkita of Congress (ACRLN).
Please send this form by mail contact afrocubanet.
14107 Burning Tree Drive
Victorville, CA 92395.
afrocubanet, is the brother and respected; Teotimo Ramirez
Account Bank of America # 27-82-76-77-44, the Treasurer of

By; Jose Barrero President of the cultural association afrocuba religion.

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