Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome to the Spiritual Center of Yalorde in Las Vegas Nevada.

My name is Nelida, reading with the cards we also read with sea shells.
I have many years of experience as a Medium and Spiritualist. We do spiritual sessions. 
We investigate your spiritual guides everyone is born with one who guides us in life. 
There are also spirits who disturbs us and make our lives unbearable. We also crown Ochas. 
Among our other services we do your Natal Charts all we need is your first and last name and date of birth. We also have good luck charms, dressed candles anything to attract luck in your life. 
You may contact us at 201-381-0462 for further information.

We also have a school that will teach you the Theory and Practices of this religion especially Palo Mayombe. You will get to meet the great writer and investigator who is the author of 28 books Domingo B Lage AKA Entuala Kongo.
This is a center for Learning and he will be more than happy to share his vast knowledge of this religion. You can also follow this link. (702)349-7996...  

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