Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"The great discovery of "Professor" Entuala Kongo.

"The great discovery of "Professor" Entuala Kongo.  
This is neither witchcraft nor magic. 
 This is to let everyone know that not only is Entuala a sorcerer but also has great knowledge of plants and their healing properties.  
He is always worried about the religious people.  
As a result, I want to bring to light my invention.  I myself have suffered from the condition of fungus in my feet and hands.  I had pain and embarrassment with my condition.  
I tried several methods to cure the fungus with products seen on television and others from the pharmacy.  The products I purchased were not only expensive but they were worthless to me.  
They did not help my situation at all.  I have tried everything there is for my condition and out of desperation I turned to herbs/plants.  
I started to work with a mixture of herbs/plants.  I finally found a cure that not only fixed the fungus but it also revived the dead skin cells.  I now would like to share this cure.  This cure will also fix infected nails and infected wounds.
The first ten (10) people that call me I will treat for free.  The only requirement for this free treatment is that you give your name, address, phone number and a testimonial.  Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no need to suffer from this condition anymore.  Visit me and you will be convinced.

(760)265-9070.  Don't forget to bring gloves and a small painting brush.  Visit my page"

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