Sunday, February 23, 2014

ALREADY SAID Entuala KONGO : Friendship is a single Allegiance.

A student gave a complaint to the teacher jorgito had quarreled with being his friend and teacher I answer to Huey, if Jorgito quarrel with you is because it never was , friends stored in the soul and is protected by Loyalty boy , that's why I'm friends of friends and anyone who wants to be my friend and know the cost you have to love me as I am, or but either way, I remain alone, because I was born so, Friendship Loyalty only pay with the who does not know the meaning of the word friend does not give a fuck . To be a good religious should have him loyalty, not only to religion, but to friends, to my friends have flaws and do not let anyone tell me Loyalty is not a book that leaves can forward and back , loyalty is one. Friendship never and can never understand what it means Loyalty many writers criticize if it is very easy, but the reader is more difficult to understand when the writer and more true stories are written , so the cheerful breakfast of a writer is defamation. If you know these envious, because that's all they are, they do not cease to be miserable. So to me; Amu loves Kisenguere . There are many who claim to be your friend , only time will tell the truth , friend of mouth there are many, but there are very few concepts . Entuala

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