Saturday, June 14, 2014

For the Squadron Transgender Shit Springfield MA

Hear me transgender balls because that's what you are, first, those who knew the duck olokun already knew and surely drew their own conclusions, and also saw the face of silly bird has now leveraging this writing it All you give Ramon Herrera was a nganga makuto Cola, so do not say that you are more Lemba, I do not think so with the street that has living dead and seeing your face you were to scratch up and close with Lemba flourish, remains USTE S + C + B + V, so leave that diphthong for which you do not know. And you Mr Suarez horse face right now from us will thing, because if I do photo montage and ne put to nonsense, so accuses me without knowing me, look friend Suarez I take thirty years and peak here and have never had a problem with the law and have always walked alone, because I've never pertenesido any BULLING as does the pajaras old like you, because your value is collective and mine is individual, because still I is what is missing you, good to talk, if I had problem with someone I've always put my address, my phone number and even as my name on is holy because fear I have not had to rush from one state to another, so they are baptized Posse squad shit, I Tomasa for you, you know that soon I will send you left yours poop in the PR and when I send you the will throw at you restreguen means in face of P having sassy black. Javier Javier for you, because you do not tell people that when the deceased was alive Orlando in Inglewood, you asked me to I told you not frayed, you accept that as a musician, but as my godson not you have the caminadito effeminate, one day I went to Long Beach to find you because I had no car, which I opened the door there were two homosexual, so shut the fuck up, fagot the only PR is having Ricky Martin embarrassment. Ha I forgot Suarez horse face, the only fagot who has no shame in MX is Juanga, so others to follow in the squad shit that no member of the squad Aigan the death of Salvador, because he will meter by the rear tank canon war. Well honorable men and women this is the last time that I am writing these mari .... s, games envious, if I had hidden that will not let me do me these assholes # feriadellibro Listen to this. The Mayombero ... ...

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