Monday, December 9, 2013

Hay la vieja Chismosa de Boston

Careful attention that walks a gossipy old badmouthing everybody Boston , goddaughter of the late Lorenzo .
Look tata Butako , everyone knew who you were , I you give you a true friendship , but not all queers are just like you , many have principles but you're a plasta shit , I thought you were a real man , but the truth that the reverse is failing you why you live alone in your world there in Boston that nobody wants to know you, the better you became a mental lazso that I like queers, butako because you were wrong , you're the box black Boston tickets .Beware of this type , do not give sincere friendship because that fat old spends on the phone finding out and clarifying gossip.See box I do not threaten anyone old gossip , you're a liar , as I did not call you quoted me by phone or to go home and clarify things as men , not all those criticisms that are made about the people, if you are the first rocker , I am unable to mention all those people who badmouthed them with me, to say that you are men like women to have cover , you who are a barbecue without fire you can not heat a jug with water .Listen well Butaco , if you choose to write the book was because I had confidence , if many years I've known you from the internet and on several occasions you invite to party and always told me I could not go do now know why I was to not see your image.Look butako do not play that keeps secret you told me yourself that Carlos Orejel the Omo Obatala was talking bad about me , do not make the man that nobody will believe , that really the only asshole you thought you were men was me because I've never met in person , although little voice made ​​me suspicious , but as I thought my friend was not looking your fault , because all you this phone told me this guy is fasenda Entuala , and I told him not , but I 'm human right to be wrong . So do not call at this guy, because I hesitate to call , when I put all the recordings of several Miami tatas . The wife is better than him, you know when you fuck my wife to get you talking so many blowjobs inactive cylinder.Queer time Spain Look, what you say does not bother me because my shoes if I know half the world, but you're a fagot repented ( guyilanga ) . You took me to your site so that I did not see your mariconerias . You and your comments knows how I come as pants clown come I guango because to me if my Strips choncho devil pig boar , reviews all fags and you are worse, you fagot and do not understand why you're so homophobic, for want to hide your identity , old sow . This is the first and last letter I write to you, I have more ethical than you, if you answered that letter is a clearer all your lies . Believe me readers that this miserable old liar I've ever seen in person. So if all these bad thankful that one teaches you one thing and then they fight, but what they do not know, always keep a card up his sleeve , because the shit I know that bird was . Entuala
To all my Facebook friends and also those who are not invited to the Seller Entuala Kongo.

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