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Dear readers

Dear readers
Due to the petition of knowing about this religion have given myself bill that many of the siblings readers, they are made impossible to have in their hands the human being's better friend that although he/she mistreats him he/she will always give you the knowledge that all need that it is the (book) but he/she understands or you cannot take out the product of a reading, there is not problem. Now all my works will also be in video. As for example the books (As a Gagulero it is made in earth Congo). (A Marielito in the Navel of the World Hawaii) and (does it Already Look for their Luck?) Now if he/she doesn't learn with this system the big treaties of the religion, is it if Faout?. Make click here / videos.htm so that he/she sees part of the videos, att their humble servant Domingo Lage.
Writes to Entuala;,

Queridos leitores

Queridos leitores
Devido à petição de saber sobre esta religião se deu conta que muitos dos leitores de irmãos, eles são feito impossível ter nas mãos deles/delas o amigo melhor do ser humano que embora ele/ela o maltrata que ele/ela sempre lhe dará o conhecimento que toda a necessidade que é o (livro) mas ele/ela entende ou você não pode tirar o produto de uma leitura, não há nenhum problema. Agora todos meus trabalhos também estarão em vídeo. Como por exemplo os livros (Como um Gagulero é feito em terra o Congo). (Um Marielito no Umbigo do Havaí Mundial) e (Já Procura a Sorte deles/delas?) Agora se ele/ela não aprender com este sistema os tratados grandes da religião, é se Faout?. Faça clique aqui vídeos.htm de forma que ele/ela vê parte dos vídeos, att o criado Domingo Lage humilde deles/delas.

Escreve a Entuala;

Estimado Lectores

Estimados lectores
Debido a la petición de saber de esta religión me he dado cuenta que muchos de los hermanos lectores, se les hace imposible por tener en sus manos el mejor amigo del ser humano, que aunque lo maltrate siempre te dará los conocimiento que todos necesitan que es el (libro) sino entiende o no puedes sacar el producto de una lectura, no hay problema. Ahora todas mis obras estarán también en video. Como por ejemplo los libros (Como se hace un Gagulero en tierra Congo). (Un Marielito en el Ombligo del Mundo Hawaii) y (Busque su Suerte Ya?) Ahora si no aprende con este sistema los grandes tratados de la religión, es si Faout?. Haga clic aquí para que vea parte de los videos, att su humilde servidor Domingo Lage.
Writes to Entuala;

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

That these lunatics' new invention?

That these lunatics' new invention?
It seemed already a new invention a mother of water with a figure of Yemaya, that it is the nerve but big of a palero, firstly me Entuala traveled the vat island looking for knowledge and never in the trajectory of that journey I never saw that dirt, I am a gangulero that all my youth dedicates to this religion. Now then I wanted to know of where that dirty and disgusting invention came out, when the stick is composed of ngandos and kiringandos.

I want to clarify very well that Andrés Petit the one that made the sincretizacion in vat was but I never saw in the kimbiza of before that M. Beginning that Briyumba and Mayombe come from Lemba and of Nkita, Zaire Africa, like it is possible that those suppositions cheap paleritos come with these inventions when our ancestors left us everything I toss, those paleritos noted tatas that make all those experiments is known that they don't know anything of the religion, if the ocha comes from Nigeria, I ask when they united. Readers open the eyes that that doesn't come out in any treaty of Mayombe, those paleros that stops my they are not anything, they make these things to enrich with the other people's pain; that calls you hunt fools, but that doesn't stop there. All those that give him/her those garbages don't come out of a problem, to enter in another. That one has never seen a nganga whichever it is with saint's figure it is not anything, it is a vision of people inespectas that you/they are very far from the religion of the stick mayombe.

So that they know well I take 49 years in this religion for story and that can be asked that is of the stick, lies not, neither stories neither.

If they want to speak here of stick I am this it is my #of telephone (760) 265-9070. As those mothers of water with water and seven piedecitas, that is pure dirt, anything but it lacks that they put him/her inside a Bible, it lacks of respect with the religion. Readers all those that meet with a fret of that that throws away it before it causes him/her a misfortune, because him not well given (it causes not well result) If the cristo that it put it Petit in the nganga in the years of slavery to deceive the Catholics, because their followers continue with that exhibitionism. It seems until lie that you/they continue thinking that that noted pro-slavery Petit their admiring ones are believed that we are still in the time of the slavery. Another thing that I want to leave very clear that the stick doesn't have relationship with s Orichas and so that they know it well I have crowned Elegua for 26 years and each thing in its place. Not as those people that neither paleros is, because the true palero knows that that doesn't exist. And I will say my slogan that to the one that he doesn't like what I write (that it tosses him/her sugar) because the stick is respected and it is not game thing, and here I am for what is, as if they want to discuss him in television, sincerely Domingo Lage. Writer, Los Angeles California.
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The criollismo of the santeros.

The criollismo of the santeros.
Formerly the godfathers and the godmothers, visited to the babalawo, so that the babalawo took out him/her the guardian angel, to their future godchild to crown him/her the saint that Orula has said. That through many years ago, was always a very sacred word. That that nowadays many godfathers and godmothers make the opposite, due that if orula said. For example he/she said that the angel of that person's guard is Changó, and the godmother or the godfather is son (to) of Ochún, they change the guardian angel to that person, and they make him/her another saint that you/they come him/her in desire to the godfathers, for not losing the godchild, without caring them he swims, happening for up of the sacred word of orula, they believe you readers that that this well. Then that person is unfortunate for the rest of her life. He/she only stops maybe to say I have another godchild more but later the problems come for the godchild, and they are gone in increase every day more their bad situation. Then him first that they say at once we go to make him/her ifá, without knowing if orumila accepts it in that great field of respect, what many to catch money make what you/they want, and neither there are times neither the selfsame orula he/she knows that such a person goes to make ifa, because she doesn't have that road.

And they believe they are solved all the problems that it is lie, if they already betrayed the word of Orula from a principle like it is that orumila can accept it, knowing well that they betrayed the person's guardian angel, later they believe that making him/her ifá remedies the problems, and the godchild's situation.

For that reason it is that we are like we are, each one should accept what god has not given, it is not certain meno that the true only orumila children, are all the children of the melli, but now in this new millennium they make to anyone Ifa, without impotalarle that falls, who falls. For that reason I am gangulero and breeze that the wind takes me. Since orula to that person sends him/her signs of curses, because. Because those godfathers knowing that they were making bad the things from a principle, and later they want the godchild to pay the broken plates, and that frequently happens here in the American Union, because one doesn't make the things that he said orula. Because it is that here there is a lot of prepotentismo, but the godchild is him/her that it is bothered.

Then they are those people that the saints bounce as saint it has happened in several occasions and him he/she doesn't have the blame of anything, but those godfathers that make those terrible errors with their godchild, and the blame never appears. Before everything I want to clarify that I am not babalawo, but expert of this religion.

I don't care I eat up they want to call me, I only tell the the truth for the religions I give until what I don't have, but those that are not about deceiving anybody, because later they accuse us to all, I am not against anybody, but that they don't judge us equally to all, each one should know up to where it can arrive, and if he/she doesn't know, then that to look for a person of their trust so that he/she teaches it and make the things well, to that future Iyabo.

So that people don't say the santeros. That that sounds very bad, better than he/she says the santero Mr. So-and-so, I repeat again I am not a boy of breasts in this religion, so that they count me an infantile story, and any story type cannot be made. Now they make him/her sacred to a person, him first that they think, we go to make Ifá. Without having that person that road. Only to say I have a godchild babalawo at home, if everybody not this gifted one for Olofi to be made Ifá, and they spoil the person. Let us think well to make the things, I have seen so many things that until pain and sadness gives me. If it was not for the fé that I have, and the test that these religions have given me, serious me one more inside the sack of the atheists, but I gave with people that knew what you/they were making me, well for that reason always I give grace to Lutete
I also want them to know that I am son and grandson of family calendars with many knowledge. Not I am a critic of the religions, but a defender, writer, investigator of the African religions.

Not I agree with the bad thing I toss, until after dead I will say the same room malekun, and blessing to all our ancestro.

The word of Orula is sacred and they should respect you, like it is possible that if they take to the aleyo to the orula house, to take out him/her guard's angel to a person, and orumila I determine such a guardian angel, like it is that later they make him/her other, then it is better than they don't take it, and they make him/her those that many godfathers make to its convenience. Others of the big lack of respect of the santeros putting necklace of Orula that has never seen, in Cuba it didn't pass anything of this, and here if, like want to call him/her. If God the one distributed the wisdom.

If we all were all the same one that serious of this world, there was not bed for so many Creole people, then as religious we died from hunger. As the congo he/she said (Yetu yetu llenambaba), a hand washes the other one and both they wash the face. I am a religious that I belong at the three of the four African religions that exist in Cuba. Lutete dedicates myself my road, and I don't happen for up of him, I am heart gangulero, Abakuá, because I am a man that I gather all the qualities that it is needed to belong to that secret great sect that not all in Cuba, neither here they can belong that they are many the principles that it is needed to belong to her, and from my short age they swore me. So you Mister reader can reach his own conclusions, this religion for my it is very sacred. As I said previously I won't write anything of her, because knowledge has to make it a book.
But my principles of religious man don't allow it to me. The Cubans know that am Domingo (Itia) they also made me sacred (elegua), godchild of Hilda Ramírez all California and Cuba knows it I have I toss saint. To the meno that you/they ask it to me. Neither neither I walk with so much dirts to impress to the other ones, what you/they made me the I keep in my head and in my heart. I speak it is this way because I have you authorize knowledge and wisdom. Not I am criticizing anybody, I return and I repeat it, but if this vest serves somebody. Then that I apologize and please that it puts it to him, and if he doesn't like then that it tosses him/her sugar, and it revolves it, for if he/she knows him/her bitter, or that they make the things well without inventions that Orichas is very sacred and our ancestros left them to us everything I toss, to take care of it and to preserve it, he/she doesn't stop to make of them so many marramuncias. But if from a beginning they become bad the things no longer have solution, we cannot veer it stops behind it is not a toy that we can return.

As Iroso Melli does say, does tree that he/she is born twisted its trunk never straighten?. There is who it becomes sacred and he/she was born to take care of saints, it doesn't stop to give birth to saints.
You ask constructive or destructive
They are two very different things, like there are children that are born today, and they die tomorrow, he/she was born to die but it is this way our mother's nature treaty.
When they change it, they already know where to please warn me, or they send it to me to say for Internet that I answer all the questions, be applause, scandals are you criticize constructive, destructive, to my I don't care it, I answer what you/they ask me. The histories are not changed, but if they can repeat, of that if I am very sure. I have received many things of Ifá, and I am well for sure I was not born to make me Ifá, and as investigator I can read what I am come in desire, a thing it is to read, and the other one is current, with things that I don't belong together, I am not as many intruders that want to seize with things that they don't correspond him/her, as writer I can write of religion what I of the real one win. Why are the only ones that can claim me our ancestros? 03/11/10 of Entuala Kongo to Suppress

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As tata nkiza, Omo Elegua, writer, investigator. & historian of the African religions

As tata nkiza, Omo Elegua, writer, investigator. & historian of the African religions, I want to put in alert to all that that for a reason or others have to be made religion things, firstly discover well which their religious origins of that person are.
I make this writing because I am a defender of these religions, I don't care if they want to take it like a critic destructive contructiva or not, I only want to insinuate that many dirts are making up of them and the religions deserve respect.
What I want to insinuate that these African religions, arrived in two countries, the first were Cuba and the second was Brazil, reason why I want to leave very clear and clarified, captured this. But I see that many people don't know, neither in the year that these fruits arrived at the island, in which 90 percent that you/they practice this religion is of different countries that many of them are practicing and they love the religion that you/they have taken pains for their old traditions.

Of 90 percent that practice it, 89 percent is foreign and there is its great majority they don't know anything about them, now then never they have dedicated a time to the study neither a dedication moment for that same reason they return addict to the profanation, with this I want to arrive to the wound of the wound. Be had more than enough understands that that said by our ancestros is to respect it, what happens that unfortunately there are many that you car dominates tatas and in fact neither them same they know what means that so sacred word, when one speaks of the word tata, you this speaking that it has gone by all the ceremonies. I not only base myself to all the things that it is necessary to happen, on the ceremonies, but in the dedication, we will confirm in this case, you reader believes that if you are not santero he can make him/her sacred to another person. If you were consecrated as, those dirty and disgusting inventions that name (the jubilation) thing that doesn't exist in the rules of the stick.

In which I am annoying and the honorable ganguleros also in that head fits that if you you has lined for five days that authorization you have to line to the other ones, when for you to make that has to be I consecrate as father nkisi and to receive mbele (that is to say medical father). Because most of these foreigners that are those that I have surprised making these profanations, to question to the Cubans and Brazilian, I clarify to all the recently consecrated ones that they request reasons to those suppositions godfathers and godmothers that are spoiling him/her in road, to those people that go looking for relief to their pain, they find but it spoils.

Mariata Ponde and Marukurutu said that nganga arrives there is not fasendas (gay) because those suppositions tatas and mothers violate the word of our ancestors. Or it is that they are some wretches that in fact don't love to the religion of the stick, but the lucramiento that can take out of her. I also request to all the babalawos, santeros and honorable paleros that make a religious commission, to see if we put an end to all those religious nerves, of those daring and fresh people that are making what doesn't should, each one he/she makes the function that corresponds them. I edit this writing so that it ceases of those profanations, because to newspapers complaints arrive to my E-mail of people that you/they ask me that was lined by a homosexual, beginning I want to leave very clear so that they have not understood bad, I don't have anything against men and homosexual women, but each thing in their place. I know gay that are some good people and they have been and they are spiritualistic and big very good santeros, with big knowledge, but in the stick they don't have anything to look for there, in the stick they are some intruders that the only thing that you/they know is to destroy, because they don't know in fact that there is a treaty that calls it destroys it composes himself that many parents medical nkisis don't even know it, like it is possible that a godfather or a godmother puts to line a person that has been lined five days ago.

Firstly I want to make him/her taste like all that I eat consultant I can assist the one that my nganga wants, anything makes for whim neither for search fame neither fortune, because I live off my literature, but godchildren and this lady's godchildren have arrived me Kimberly the owner of botanical Oshun and Elegua this it is its Web site., requesting helps me that a homosexual has lined it, according to for the things that made him/her they are bad it tosses and them had caused problems that S+C+B+V is named. Now my respect for everything, but to look for money there are thousands in way that that lady starts to sell her oils in the botany and if she doesn't go him/her well that she starts to sell avocado and that I/you/he/she doesn't spoil to but nobody, the stick is not for neophyte, because her not this lined one, but they made him/her the dirt of that noted jubilation that not this authorized to make anything in the stick and all those that are bordered on that pan of frying stupidities they are not anything, that tells it Domingo Lage, so that they come to discuss of treaties of the stick, to say that any person that not this it consecrates in the stick, he/she cannot make anything, or that a person that doesn't have Ifa tosses, to have if she can make him/her to it Ifa somebody that you/they don't come me with story, that you/he/she is a religious sacrilege and a great profanation that I/you continues with her botany and her saint that she goes for her dear Panama to make those dirts but with other things and to the stick that she leaves it still. Another thing respect to Carlos Omo Monkey, the one is a beautiful person like santero and making saint's clothes neither my respect is said nor that he/she leaves the calm stick. Not I am against anybody, but each one, with its each whom.

This message is for Victor Lanigar Sandiña that is the culprit of all that I parboil, that is to say with this rice with mango that is remembered that when the one arrives from Cuba I speak with me so that I mounted him/her a nganga and I roundly told him/her that not, because not wise its religious origin, now then the one is a good one you Air yourself, what I wonder coming that of vat and knowing as those old ones so jealous that they are, as this boy made those dirts. As religious investigator and defender, I elevate this writing so that they open the eyes where they enter / Flash / bibliotecaentualakongo.html.

Como tata nkiza, Omo Elegua, escritor, investigador. & historiador de las religiones africanas

Como tata nkiza, Omo Elegua, escritor, investigador. & historiador de las religiones africanas, quiero poner en alerta a todos lo que por una razón u otras tengan que hacerse cosas de religión, primeramente averigüen bien cuales son sus procedencias religiosas de esa persona.
Hago este escrito porque soy un defensor de estas religiones, no me importa si lo quieran tomar como una crítica destructiva contructiva o no, solamente quiero a dar a entender que se están haciendo muchas porquerías arriba de ellas y las religiones merecen respeto.
Lo que quiero dar a entender que estas religiones africanas, llegaron en dos países, el primero fue Cuba y el segundo fue Brasil, por lo cual quiero dejar bien claro y aclarado, plasmado esto. Pero veo que muchas personas no saben, ni en el año que llegaron estos frutos a la isla, en la cual el 90 por ciento que practican esta religión son de diferentes países, que muchos de ellos son practicante y aman la religión que se han esmerado por las antiguas tradiciones de ellas.
De ese 90 por ciento que la practican, el 89 por ciento son extranjero y ha su gran mayoría no saben nada de ellas, ahora bien nunca le han dedicado un tiempo al estudio ni un momento de dedicación por esa misma razón se vuelven adicto a la profanación, con esto quiero llegar a la llaga de la herida.
Se sobre entiende que lo dicho por nuestros ancestros hay que respetarlo, lo que pasa que por desgracia hay muchos que se auto dominan tatas y en realidad ni ellos mismo saben lo que significa esa palabra tan sagrada, cuando se habla de la palabra tata, se esta hablando que haya pasado por todas las ceremonias. Me baso a todos las cosas que hay que pasar, no solamente en las ceremonias, sino en la dedicación, Vamos a confirmar en este caso, usted lector crees que si usted no es santero le pueda hacer santo a otra persona. Si usted fue consagrado como, esos inventos sucios y asquerosos que nombran (la jubilación) cosa que no existe en las reglas del palo.
En el cual estoy molesto y los ganguleros honorables también, en que cabeza cabe que si usted se rayo hace cinco días, que autorización tiene usted para rayar a los demás, cuando para usted hacer eso tiene que ser consagro como padre nkisi y recibir mbele(es decir padre facultativo). Porque la mayoría de estos extranjeros que son los que yo he sorprendidos haciendo estas profanaciones, para poner en duda a los cubanos y brasileros, le aclaro a todos los recién consagrados que le pidan razones a esos supuestos padrinos y madrinas que le están desgraciando en camino, a esas personas que van buscando alivio a su dolor, encuentran mas desgracia. Mariata Ponde y Marukurutu dijeron que arriba nganga no hay fasendas (gay) porque esos supuestos tatas y madres violan la palabra de nuestros antepasados. O es que son unos miserables que en realidad no aman a la religión del palo, sino el lucramiento que puedan sacar de ella. También le pido a todos los babalawos, santeros y paleros honorables que hagan una comisión religiosa, para ver si acabamos con todos esos descaros religiosos, de esas personas atrevidas y frescas que están haciendo lo que no debe, cada cual que haga la función que les corresponde.
Redacto este escrito para que cese de esas profanaciones, porque a diarios llegan quejas a mi E-Mail de personas que me preguntan, que fue rayado por un homosexual, empezando quiero dejar bien claro para que no hayan mal entendido, yo no tengo nada en contra de hombres y mujeres homosexuales, pero cada cosa en su lugar. Conozco gay que son unas buenas personas y han sido y son muy buenos espiritistas y grandes santeros, con grandes conocimientos, pero en el palo ellos no tienen nada que buscar ahí, en el palo ellos son unos intrusos que lo único que saben es destruir, porque no saben en realidad que hay un tratado que se llama desbarata compone, que aun muchos padres nkisis facultativos no lo saben, como es posible que un padrino o una madrina ponga a rayar a una persona que haya sido rayado hace cinco días.
Primeramente quiero hacerle saber a todos, que como consejero puedo atender al que mi nganga quiera, nada hago por capricho ni por busca fama ni fortuna, porque vivo de mi literatura, pero me han llegado ahijadas y ahijados de esta señora Kimberly la dueña de la botánica Oshun y Elegua este es su Web, pidiéndome ayuda que un homosexual lo han rayado, según por las cosas que le hicieron están mal echa y les a causado problemas, que se nombran S+C+B+V. Ahora mi respeto para todo, pero para buscar dinero hay miles de forma, que esa señora se ponga a vender sus aceites en la botánica y si no le va bien que se ponga a vender aguacate y que no desgracie a mas nadie, el palo no es para neófito, porque ella no esta rayada, sino le hicieron la porquería de esa nombrada jubilación, que no esta autorizada para hacer nada en el palo y todos los que están rayadas en esa cazuela de freír estupideces no son nada, eso lo dice Domingo Lage, para que vengan a discutir de tratados del palo, para decir que ninguna persona que no este consagra en el palo, no puede hacer nada, o que una persona que no tenga Ifa echo, haber si lo puede hacerle Ifa alguien, que no me vengan con cuento, eso es un sacrilegio religioso y una gran profanación que siga con su botánica y su santo, que vaya para su querido Panamá hacer esas porquerías pero con otras cosas y al palo que lo deje quieto. Otra cosa respeto a Carlos el Omo Chango, el es una bella persona como santero y haciendo ropas de santo ni se diga mi respeto y que deje el palo tranquilo. No estoy en contra de nadie, pero cada cual, con su cada quien. Este mensaje es para Víctor Lanigar Sandiña, que es el culpable de todo ese sancocho, es decir con este arroz con mango, que se recuerde que cuando el llego de Cuba hablo conmigo para que yo le montara una nganga y yo redondamente le dije que no, porque no sabia su procedencia religiosa, ahora bien el es un buen Oréate, lo que me pregunto viniendo el de cuba y sabiendo como esos viejos tan celosos que son, como este muchacho hizo esas porquerías.
Como investigador religioso y defensor, elevo este escrito para que abran los ojos donde se meten

Que nuevo invento de estos locos?

Que nuevo invento de estos locos?
Ya parecio un invento nuevo un madre de agua con una figura de Yemaya, ese es el descaro mas grandes de un palero, primeramente yo Entuala recorri la isla de cuba buscando conocimiento y nunca en la trayectoria de ese recorrido nunca vi esa porqueria, soy un gangulero que dedique toda mi juventud a esta religión. Ahora bien yo quisiera saber de donde salio ese invento sucio y asqueroso, cuando el palo se compone de ngandos y kiringandos.

Quiero aclarar muy bien, que Andres Petit fue el que en cuba hizo la sincretizacion pero nunca vi en los kimbiza de ante esa M. Empezando que Briyumba y Mayombe vienen de Lemba y de Nkita, Zaire Africa, como es posible que esos supuestos paleritos baratos vengan con estos inventos cuando nuestros antepasados nos lo dejaron todo echo, esos paleritos nombrados tatas que hacen todos esos experimentos se sabe que no conocen nada de la religión, si la ocha viene de Nigeria, pregunto cuando se unieron. Lectores abran los ojos, que eso no sale en ningun tratado de Mayombe, esos paleros, que para mi no son nada, hacen estas cosas para lucrar con el dolor ajeno; eso se llama caza tontos, pero eso no para ahí. Todos los que le entregan esas basuras no sale de un problema, para entrar en otro. Eso nunca se ha visto una nganga cualquiera que sea con una figura de santo no es nada, es una vision de personas inespectas que estan muy lejos de la religión del palo mayombe.

Para que sepan bien llevo 49 años en esta religión para cuento y se me puede preguntar lo que sea del palo, mentiras no, ni cuentos tampoco.

Si quieren hablar de palo aquí estoy este es mi # de telefono (760)265-9070. Como esas madres de agua con agua y siete piedecitas, eso es pura porqueria, nada mas falta que le metan una Biblia adentro, falta de respeto con la religión. Lectores todos aquellos que se encuentren con un traste de eso que lo bote antes que le cause una desgracia, porque lo mal entregado (causa mal resultado) Si el cristo ese lo puso Petit en la nganga en los años de esclavitud para engañar a los catolicos, porque sus seguidores siguen con ese exhibicionismo. Parece hasta mentira que sigan pensando, que ese esclavista nombrado Petit sus admirantes se creen que todavía estamos en el tiempo de la esclavitud. Otra cosa que quiero dejar bien claro, que el palo no tiene parentesco con la s Orichas y para que lo sepan bien tengo coronado Elegua por 26 años y cada cosa en su lugar. No como esas personas que ni paleros son, porque el verdadero palero sabe, que eso no existe. Y voy a decir mi eslogan, que al que no le guste lo que escribo (que le eche azucar) porque el palo se respeta y no es cosa de juego, y aquí estoy para lo que sea, como si lo quieren discutir en televisión, atentamente Domingo Lage. Escritor, Los Angeles California.
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Why we do not use Fula (gun powder) with the Matende (Machete)

Why we do not use Fula (gun powder) with the Matende (Machete)

Maybe a lot of people do this because the have seen someone do it, all the things that you swear to in this religion has a reason behind it. In the old days there was no Fula (gun powder) and our ancestors used to work their Ngangas, I wan to be clear, so those out there that like to put double meaning on things! I’m going to talk about that famous piece of wood (table) that were made from the bark of trees, and because times change and things get better later became the Katiyembe, with a mixture of mud and sap, that a lot of people know as Porron.

All of these so called Tatas are Tatas of hate initiated without any knowledge, they do not know the Matende (the machete) is the hangman of this sacred religion and before it we swear. I have also heard of fathers and mothers (arreando) working with the machete, what a lack of respect of those stupid Padrinos (godfathers).

They do not even know the meaning of the Matende Banamipello, or are they playing ignorant! If they do not know then learn! Everything in this religion is treaties and not lies. So for those that do not like it, you have my email so I can clear any doubts any of you might have.

Do not try to make of this religion a modern thing.

I’m Going to Talk Clearly and Direct

I’m Going to Talk Clearly and Direct

Before anything I want it to be known that here like in a lot of other countries there were a lot of knowledgeable Tatas that traveled and settled there, I am sure of this. I do not know what it is but when they get to these lands they seem to forget the principles of our religion.

Like the things they do here, they do not have heads or feet! Now how can they say that they create Father Nkisis!? That is a sacred occupation that allows you to get a higher occupation; like Bakofula, Mayordomo, Tata Guancho and other superior occupations.

All person(s) that become Father(s) and or Mother(s) have an obligation to let the entities know by going to the following places: First you need to pay the derecho (payment) and take the person to get the ok from his or her deities. They are the ones responsible for this type of injustice and wrong doing their godsons are doing, sooner or later all come to light, and when they meet a real Tata they feel ashamed, these people will also tell their god children they are now fathe and or mother Nkisis without taking them to the ceremony of Campolemba, just out wrong.

The Padrino (godfather) is obligated to teach the godson so he does not run on to an embarrassment, they cannot be telling their god children they are now fathers and mother without the proper ceremonies, this is unjust and plain garbage. These self impose Tatas don’t even know where they are standing.

We are constructing a page that will touch upon subjects never spoken before in any books, so you all know what to do properly, and I do it because I want to!

I talk about how to properly put together the 21 roads of Lucero and everything it needs to have, and how to work with them; I have heard I’m going to give Lucero a goat! Before hand I want to let you know that you feed Lucero twice a year, there are a lot of things you can do with Lucero that you can resolve. For example, the herbs and oils without the necessity to heat up Lucero, why these so called Tatas do do not tell their god children about this.

That is why there are so many fathers and mothers and those so called Tatas that do not see the light of day! We are in the 21st century to rely on those kinds of myths and lies that they want to place as treaties. This is where the deceit stops, lets talk clearly, so the ones that are coming behind us do not make the same mistake that a lot have made. The volcano has exploted! (and for those that do not like it! Put some sugar on it!).

There are blunt forms with the one which the congo toward their divination

There are blunt forms with the one which the congo toward their divination
Before informing this history of the chamalongos I want to make know many things that they are very far from the briyumba and mayombe that he/she was practiced before, the one of nowadays it is not known neither that it sews it is. But well I will enter in a defiant topic.

Firstly; the chamalongos lived in cave and era protected by ñocas and mayimbes, that was in the years 1300 of our era, In Lemba and in Nkita that was when the first Jews arrived in Zaire África that in those times for them to be able to live there, they had to be consecrated. What passes in all this is that people listen to sound bell and they don't know of where the sound comes, now then later the Europeans arrived over there in the years 1400 and something that was when it began the polemic of the slavery and the persecution in the African continent, apologize that I don't want to move away from this pretty history, but to speak of something, it is necessary to make from the beginning to be possible to understand.

The 1595 arrived in Cuba the first lots of slaves kidnapped by Europe, Spain and the Catholic famous church) and they were sold in important cathedrals of the Island.. Now we go to what we go, in spite of the abuse of the Catholics, they never stopped to practice their beliefs, hidden but they made it,

The true chamalongos is the well-known shells of the sea and the nkenkes that were bones of animals and according to their way of consulting extracted their letter or that you me. The nkenkes was a mean of seeds and shells of the trees, for that reason many that have never read on this religion are impressed and they discuss without knowing. For that reason they become ignorant and stupid. I write this way so that I am understood,

The shells of the trees were now their second mean of divination that you/they were shells with patipembas drawn with the resin of the same trees, I take advantage of this moment to make him/her taste like all those idiots and ignorant because I wrote the book of the tarot of the mayombero, these dogs ignorant marionettes don't know anything but that to defame dirts of what you/they don't know, and I refer to all those critics of bad death that have never dedicated him/her neither five minutes to this religion to be educated that the only thing that they know foolishness nun that is to say. Believe me readers that I don't feel annoying for those nonsense's that these religious laymen say. As historian I say the things like they are, now you see that many of those critical dogs that don't taste anything like their majority, have to the front of their nganga four or more coconut shells that are named by them chamalongos.

When the Africans saw the noted one I dominate, they compared it with the nkenkes that was very similar for them, many people that use this mean for the divination know and I want to make them know that it is very positive their reading, but the one that doesn't know is as the one that you don't go. That him first that they make it is to criticize without knowing the things, for that reason me Entuala kongo has named them continental inapt marionettes of its little knowledge mental laguneros.

Now another mean of divination is the 16 bones of animals or nfumbes, there are many things that these disastrous ones don't know, this goes directed to all those chatterers, chancleteos, merolicos, liars, gossipers, it takes and he/she brings, it hunts wake, it picks up chenca, he/she eats when there is that they don't know anything about the stick and they give it to him of sage that neither know the meaning of the word wisdom

If we go to speak of tata nkiza swears him/her guaririonga ndiago, we have to speak of the godfather, of the brother, of the teacher, of the friend, of the humble person, of the quiet sage, of the father and him but big of the life that is (the loyalty).

Now in the century 21 anyone is tata, but tata if their witness of the cemetery, without the required ceremonies, what wanted to know of where carajo came out that treaty, I express this way Myself to put an end to all those lies religious readers, and to the one that he doesn't like he/she already knows what you/they have to make. Many say that I am the polemic writer of this era, it is certain, it is reality, but the religious lies harm me.

(To have that religious marionette can speak with authority and it denies me my writing)

Without more anything that to say, he/she says goodbye to you this humble servant Domingo Lage.
For anyone explanation can communicate to the telephone (760)265-9070. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Historia de los Chamalongos

Hay mochas formas con la cual el congo hacia su adivinación
Antes de informar esta historia de los chamalongos quiero hacer saber muchas cosas que están muy lejos de la briyumba y mayombe que se practicaba antes, la de hoy en día no se sabe ni que cosa es. Pero bien voy a entrar en un tema desafiante.

Primeramente; los chamalongos vivían en cueva y era protegidos por ñocas y mayimbes, eso fue en los años 1300 de nuestra era, En Lemba y en Nkita, que fue cuando llegaron los primeros judíos a Zaire África, que en aquellos tiempos para ellos poder vivir allá, tenían que ser consagrados. Lo que pasa en todo esto es que las gentes escuchan sonar campana y no saben de donde viene el sonido, ahora bien después llegaron los Europeos por allá en los años 1400 y algo, que fue cuando empezó la polémica de la esclavitud y la persecución en el continente Africano, discúlpame que no quiero apartarme de esta linda historia, pero para hablar de algo, hay que hacer desde el comienzo para podernos entender.

El 1595 llegaron a Cuba el primer lotes de esclavos secuestrados por Europa, España y la famosa iglesia católica) y fueron vendidos en catedrales importantes de la Isla.. Ahora vamos a lo que vamos, a pesar del maltrato de los católicos, ellos nunca dejaron de practicar sus creencias, escondidos pero lo hacían,

Los verdaderos chamalongos son las conocidas conchas del mar y los nkenkes, que fueron huesos de animales y según su modo de consultar extraían su letra o que se yo. Los nkenkes era un medio de semillas y cáscaras de los árboles, por eso muchos que nunca han leído sobre esta religión se quedan impresionados y discuten sin saber. Por eso se vuelven ignorantes y estupidos. Escribo así para que se me entienda,

Las cáscaras de los árboles fue su segundo medio de adivinación que eran cáscaras con patipembas dibujadas con la resina de los mismos árboles, ahora aprovecho este momento para hacerle saber a todos esos estupidos e ignorantes porque yo escribí el libro del tarot del mayombero, estos perros títeres ignorantes no saben nada mas que difamar porquerías de lo que no saben, y me refiero a todos esos críticos de mala muerte, que nunca le han dedicado ni cinco minutos a esta religión para educarse, que lo único que ellos saben es decir sandeces religiosa. Créame lectores que no me siento molesto por esos disparates que dicen estos profanos religiosos. Como historiador digo las cosas como son, ahora usted ve que muchos de esos perros críticos, que a su mayoría no saben nada, tienen al frente de su nganga cuatro o más cáscaras de coco, que son nombrados por ellos chamalongos.

Cuando los africanos vieron el nombrado domino, lo compararon con los nkenkes que para ellos era muy parecidos, conozco muchas personas que utilizan este medio para la adivinación y quiero hacerles saber que es muy positiva su lectura, pero el que no sabe es como el que no ve. Que lo primero que hacen es criticar sin saber las cosas, por eso yo Entuala kongo los he nombrados títeres continentales ineptos de su poco conocimiento laguneros mentales.

Ahora otro medio de adivinación son los 16 huesos de animales o nfumbes, hay muchas cosas que estos nefastos no conocen, esto va dirigidos a todos esos charlatanes, chancleteos, merolicos, mentirosos, chismosos, lleva y trae, caza velorio, recoge chenca, come cuando hay, que del palo no saben nada y se la dan de sabio, que tampoco saben el significado de la palabra sabiduría

Si vamos hablar de tata nkiza júrele guaririonga ndiago, tenemos que hablar del padrino, del hermano, del maestro, del amigo, de la persona humilde, del sabio callado, del padre y lo mas grande de la vida que es (la lealtad).

Ahora en el siglo 21 cualquiera es tata, pero tata si su testigo del cementerio, sin las ceremonias requeridas, lo que quisiera saber de donde carajo salio ese tratado, Me expreso así para acabar con todas esas mentiras religiosas lectores, y al que no le guste ya sabe lo que tienen que hacer. Muchos dicen que soy el escritor polémico de esta era, es cierto, es realidad, pero las mentiras religiosas me hacen daño.

(Haber que títere religioso puede hablar con autoridad y me desmienta mi escrito)
Sin más nada que decir, se despide de usted este humilde servidor Domingo Lage.
Para cualquiera aclaración se puede comunicar al teléfono (760)265-9070. Gracias.

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Nuevo Libro de Entuala Kongo

Ingles: Marielito in thenavel of the world hawaii.html
This is my new book (A Marielito in the Navel of the World Hawaii) he/she makes click here


Este es mi nuevo libro (Un Marielito en el Ombligo del Mundo Hawai) haga click aquí marielito en el ombligo del mundo hawaii.html


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Revista Religiosa

Si quiere relajarse en su casa, puede ver y leer todas las ediciones de la revista Lemba Magazine de 2010, cortesia de Entuala Kongo.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Estas son las reglas del Palo Mayombe.

Estas son las reglas del Palo Mayombe.
Estos son los 17 pasos que tiene que saber un tata nkiza.
1-Hay mucho confusionismo con la religión, primeramente el palo no tiene que ver nada con la orisha ni mucho meno con Ifa

2-El palo mayombe es justicia.
El tata o el padre facultativo tienen que tener pleno conocimiento para consagrar alguien.

3-Cada oficio en esta religión tiene diferentes ceremonias.

4-Nadie nace de padre directo, todo tiene su tiempo y dedicación.
Todos los oficios congo esta obligado de ir en busca de las deidades en el monte.

5-Las madres son importantes en la religión.

6- Las ahijadas hay que respetarla no como esos padrinos que se ponen a vivir con ellas, eso es un sacrilegio religioso.

7-Los padrinos están en la obligación de enseñar a los ahijados.

8-A los siete años el padrino libera al ahijados cuando reciba los tres mpungos de la nganga.

9- Ningun padrino esta autorizado de hacer rompimiento una ahijada.

10- Las madres kisis son las autorizadas para eso.

11-Los ahijados y ahijadas se miran como hijos.

12-Toda persona consagra tiene un nombre que es reconocido por la nganga.

13-Todo hijo de nganga cuando muere hay que hacerle el kinfuiti y despedirlo para que no se que en el limbo y no le cause problema al padrino ni a sus familiares.

14- La llamada jubilación esta religión no existe.

15-Hay que respetar a las esposas de los hermanos y a los esposos de las hermanas.

16-Respetar a los padrinos.

17- Caldero hierro no tiene tapa, eso es invento de hoy en día.
Domingo escritor e investigador en religiones Africanas.

The Religious Lie

The Religious lie
The lie is the mother of all the bad habits; The liar is a hypocrite, and the hypocrite is par excellence a traitor, and the betrayal is the negation of the principles of men and Religious.
Nganga arrives there is not fasenda (gay), the gay they go for the pile of the hypocrites, because they betrayed its father and its principles.

The hypocrite, has the more tragic worst defects in the hemisphere, the hypocrite is convenience, opportunist, liar, envious, manipulator of they don't understand the sincere art of the other ones, the hypocrite doesn't want anybody, neither the same one is wanted.

The hypocrite is as the AIDS that is everywhere, the hypocrite, you/he/she is a limaña that teaches her son to be same, although this in fact doesn't sit down it,

The hypocrite is an I swarm ignoramus, wanting the wrong to the other ones, because you/he/she feels isolated to the other ones for her behavior. It is for that reason that the religious managuero this considered as a hypocrite, the hypocrite it is ignorant hypocritical he/she doesn't live to work, but he/she wants to live off the other ones, the hypocrite doesn't have I take place, if you/he/she is that by chance he has left a pedaso of him, she lives off lost imaginations, the hypocrite doesn't have future, because this contained in an I circulate of the ignorance, because the hypocrite is distinguished visually, because she is that real human being that doesn't look to the eyes to the other ones.

The hypocrite is not sincere neither with the same one, the hypocrite has in her mind a group of axes immiscible of lies without reasons, at the hypocrite, for intelligent people is looked as a worm that doesn't have validity. For that reason the religious that has that characteristic, for me, and for all those religious that want the heart Religions, are a worthless worm.

He/she asks, to all the things they call it for their name. And this it is the true name of the managueros, rather of all those religious liars that play uncleanly with the religions. The Religious should not be hypocritical. Sincere people die from face in the sun. As also those godfathers and godmothers that have a loving relation with the godchild, don't stop to be hypocritical religious. Now in this millennium there being cultural so much level because they pass these things, if the great majority of our ancestors was illiterate to its great majority, and they didn't pass these marramuncias and now these modern marramusias of those religious without scruples that you/they want to stain the image of this religion.

The same as mothers nkisis lining, daring to cut them the body to people, empty shells that you/they tell me to my all those mothers profane nkisis which are the prayers that it takes the bottom of the basket, surrendering and knowing well them that that is a true profanation. No mother can give nganga to anybody, then so that the medical parents and the tatas nkizas are, they are not of trophy neither of decoration in this religion

If they don't know that they study that it stops that there are books, people with big knowledge so that those or the east. But they want to acquire fame, making dirts and profanation, I cannot explain to myself, or I want to be about understanding. Then there are two things firstly in common that in that pan there is not any foundation type, and the other one that they are destroying the one on the way to that lined person. As also I have listened of non tall people to walk with this religion being lining, if what has to make a gangulero is to know that that this making, this religion comes from the gross congos, not of delicate men.

It is for that reason that I as historian in my a.os of my career, never saw similar dirt, speaking grossly, so that they come a group from having ignored here in this country implanting laws that don't exist in this religion, and that they are imagination and fantasy.

In Cuba to any delicate man lined it that don't come to my stories that I have lived the two atmospheres that you they lived in my few that if eras good taenia that to demonstrate it, and I eat with actions of cases to be able to live among the handsome ones, and not to allow you to remove yours, like it is that now those men with affected defects will tell me that they are parents nkisi and tatas, if in Cuba one has always lived off the principles of men, and also of the principles of the women you integrate.

Domingo B. Lage, particularly doesn't believe in those marramuncias. I have seen law men at stick homes not to swear him for only to lift him/her the voice to their mother, like it is that now they mean the opposite.

It seems that they have not been given bill that in Mariel he/she came from everything, people that were not anything in Cuba, came and here they put on name invented religious, as also they are discovered people that have not been anything, and they have made him/her sacred to other (ace), supposed paleros that you/they don't know neither the properties that he/she has a grass.

And I lived also the intellectual world that he/she means that there am me rosy with people of the first floor world, I take my of forty a.o behind a counter, and I know the clients very well, it is for that reason as religious, and historian I defend the religions of people's hand without principles. To see who are us to make transformations of the religions, if our ancestors us the accent to take it toward before, and we are I crack it stops behind as the crab, shames should give us. For lack of knowledge in ignorance, they have allowed that he/she is practiced some type ceremony or coronation, either in the stick or in the saint. But rather they are those that don't have principle that takes advantage of the spiritual necessity of people. Then as Historian and Writer, I don't accuse the one that falls in these deceits of these people garbage’s with their innocence. Ganguleros (ace), is a group of knowledge that in which have to look for, to know what we will carry out, not to make the so many ones false that are made.
It is for that reason that we are in danger of extinction, for blame of a inexpert religious. Not we will say, what we always hear me s., and in fact it is continued making the same errors, the one that knows doesn't make errors, because when your he/she has a good nganga, and it makes an error of that nature, he/she pays with your life, but when he/she has a nganga garbage it doesn't pass anything, for that reason that all put us a name, and there is until who has three, to everything it should be called by their name, hypocrites, worms worthless marramuncias take and they bring dirt, religious, wicked reinforcements, traitors to the religions.
That supposed palerito Federico Fields Monjía that neither you devise they have of as taking him/her up the name from of the nganga to their godchildren. And a lot of meno of more complex ceremonies as the case of Margarita Diaz Velázquez, lined by a supposed palerito, called Federico Fields that in fact him this very lejo of the religious truth, lined it, and the name that seg.n he gave him/her ugh. four step, four rails, and four streets, tell me you reader (to) that nganga goes to give that name dirt to a son (to), if all the names have its treaty, what there are people that come to make children to other, and they want to make it also, if to know that everything has a porqu., that for qu. it is necessary to look for it to know it, there is who a mermaid of a car hears, and they don't know of where the sound comes.

That if he/she comes from north or of the south, and they say that he/she comes from the east, he/she knows like he/she calls himself that, to want to imitate. Taking advantage of this writing also wants to put well in undoubtedly I am not I criticize, I am defender of the religions. .l is another of the supposed paleritos son of anybody delicate supposed palerito, also is those suppositions godfathers that the godchildren have to give him/her kisses in the mouth, as he/she made it Mónica Castle Longoria that I saw it. in several occasions, and all the godchildren of that palerito have to be given it, meno the men, so Mister reader takes out his imagination that neither principle religious has, neither ethics of being a gangulero, now then where this that treaty that I have never seen it. Earth trembles without origin, and when finding out all those marramuncia of .l, visit its botany in California, and he/she has m.s dirts that a trash can, of all those garbages a nganga is not made, and he/she has all the threatened godchildren that he/she will throw him/her, if the in fact doesn't have neither for him, because I always say, my nganga has to protect me in everything, I don't eat to the that always the justice him this visiting, be for pleasure, or for mistake, then where this its wisdom like gangulero, I already said, and I say to the gangulero that the justice him this bothering, what has doesn't serve, that tells it entuala kongo, I want to tell to all those godchildren of that you/they don't fear which the one doesn't have to make da.o to anybody, as its dirts I don't warn him/her that they will kill its Bakofula, to dear Pakachana (to the toad), as also s. that didn't make Kinfuite to its bakofuala, that is because he/she doesn't know, then so that they enter to dance, if they don't know the corridor. This this passing here in California, supposed paleritos, and supposed tatas cheap nkizas that anything my makes line, and when they are died a godchild they don't make him/her the kinfuite knowing well that that is a very sacred thing, so that the godchild rests in peace. But I eat they don't know how to make it, they don't care they, not knowing that while the nganga est. of mourning you cannot line anybody, and they make it, this is lack of knowledge, and later he/she hears it say that they are terrible I really have him/her a name, talkative, liars, hypocrites, religious marramusientos. Because they catch Briyumba for their nerves, and they don't know about Briyumba neither an eleventh part.

Here as many being Bakofulas says, now they are bakofulas of fingers or consecrated Bakofulas, because firstly the occupation of Bakofula cannot be everybody, they are people that Kuballende chooses as its trust.

That it is Bakofula?, it is a group of wisdom and knowledge. Bakofula is a very sacred thing in our religion, and it takes several ceremonies that I am for sure very few they know this treaty now then to make this occupation, three mothers, a medical father, and a tata nkiza should go.
And the tata is the one that directs the ceremony, to go to the cemetery to look for the secret of Bakofula, in having given case the only one that doesn't go there is that ceremony if he/she doesn't want he/she is the godfather of that future Bakofula that should wait for it beside the foundation.

When they bring it of making all the corresponding ceremonies so that it is consecrated as such. Bakofula has fourteen titles.
And the one bigger than everything is Bakofula Amunangando, as me I will believe similar lie, now if they were really consecrated, then that they demonstrate it, because it stops my they are made of paper.

Bakofula has to have the necessary knowledge to execute that occupation to know about the herbs and its properties, to know all the nkunias (sticks), and to know how to communicate with the stars, they are lined today, tomorrow they already say that they are bakofulas, and tatas without knowing that each occupation is represented by a treaty, and knowledge. The word Bakofula doesn't only mean the trust of the nfumbe, but it is the maximum authority in a foundation house, Bakofula is not any thing, many people confuse a thing with the other one, the mother nkisi, many tell him/her godmother, because he/she has godchild, the same as godmother nganga is a different thing, but godmother nganga is another hierarchy that also has their ceremonies that you/he/she is where she is also given knowledge to Kalunga, Suansa to Sabikunanguanza.

He/she looks at Creole non confusion the diphthong with the verbally, everything in our religion has their name, and a treaty that supports it, but that they don't come with cheap comics, for a group of religious illiterates. That them same they don't understand, neither they know the secrets of our religion, first educate you, and later Briyumba work like it is, and we avoid this way ourselves of many problems we continue making all those unconscious dirt’s, we run extinction risks.

Not to make the so many garbage that you/they are made in the American Union, and everything is for not requesting help, and everything is for the damned complex of superiority that in fact all those people, are very far from the truth.

Now I go toward people that are truly of heart in our Religion so that we put on in contacts with the purpose of exchanging religious knowledge.
I in my quality of Tatandi, invite all those tatas, parents, and mother nkisi that want accessory Nun.

Since I am in more disposition of helping him, accesoraslos and to guide him Religiously, with my knowledge dedication and study. Others of the so many inventions, of ending up saying that a spirit takes him/her the Angel from of the Watch to a person, that is lie, each religion it occupies a different land any spirit, neither dead, neither nfumbe can finish anything related with the guardian angel, for that this the oracle, because in the metaphysics there is more acceptance, and a thing doesn't have to do with the other one.

In the particular thing, I don't believe in those things, the separatism is a thing, and the saint is other, and which spirit that told that this lack of light, or serious better than that spirit he doesn't come more to the earth to want to plant an unconscious confusions.

Now then I come from a spiritualistic family and I have never heard similar lie, when a spirit of low light to the earth comes to give us a message of something that approaches us he/she doesn't come to be forming religious conflicts, if that or those spiritualists don't know that mocking spirits also exist that lowers to the earth to make fun of them.

But it is necessary to have full knowledge in that field, so that those garbages, or marramuncias happens. Because people had arrived to my to tell me that a dead told him/her that that person was such a saint's son, that is a great lie, now that that person has devotion or tuning with a saint, that doesn't mean the angel of that person's watch to be that saint.

Because he/she looks I am of vote of San Lazaro from boy, and the angel my guard it is Elegua, saint that I have fact that I want it too much, it is not neither what tells you a spirit, neither your godfathers, but it is Ifa, or godfather's (to) saint's Snail that you/they are two that can determine a situation such a delicate one as he/she is the watch's angel. Also Gangulero when it consecrates to alguién he/she will be able to say I believe that this person due to the name, and the sign that I take out nganga up can say that she is such a saint's son, but that is not safe.

Because Lutete didn't give us that ability to decide in a field that doesn't correspond us, what happens that there are many religious that want to mix the water with the oil, to unite it and that won't be able to never be.

La mentira Religiosa

La mentira Religiosa
La mentira es la madre de todos los vicios; El mentiroso es un hipócrita, y el hipócrita por excelencia es un traidor, y la traición es la negación de los principios de hombres y Religiosos.
Arriba nganga no hay fasenda (maricones), los maricones van para la pila de los hipócritas, porque traicionaron a su padre y a sus principios.

El hipócrita, tiene los peores defectos más trágicos del hemisferio, el hipócrita es convenienciero, ventajista, mentiroso, envidioso, manipulador de no comprenden el arte sincero de los demás, el hipócrita no quiere a nadie, ni el mismo se quiere.

El hipócrita es como el sida que se encuentra en todas partes, el hipócrita, es una limaña, que enseña a su hijo ser igual, aunque éste en realidad no lo sienta,

El hipócrita es un pululo inculto, deseándole el mal a los demás, porque se siente aislado a los demás por su conducta. Es por eso que el religioso managuero esta considerado como un hipócrita, el hipócrita es ignorantes hipócrita no vive para trabajar, sino quiere vivir de los demás, el hipócrita no tiene celebro, si es que por casualidad le queda un Pegaso de él, vive de imaginaciones perdidas, el hipócrita no tiene futuro, porque esta encerrado en un circulo de la ignorancia, porque el hipócrita se distingue visualmente, porque es todo aquel ser humano que no le mira a los ojos a los demás.

El hipócrita no es sincero ni con el mismo, el hipócrita tiene en su mente un conjunto de ejes invisibles de mentiras sin razones, el hipócrita, para las personas inteligentes es mirado como un gusano que no tiene validez. Por eso el religioso que tiene esa característica, para mí, y para todos aquellos religiosos que quieran las Religiones de corazón, es un gusano sin valor.

Pregunta, a todas las cosas la llaman por su nombre. Y este es el verdadero nombre de los managueros, mejor dicho de todos aquellos mentirosos religiosos, que juegan con las religiones suciamente. El Religioso no debe de ser hipócrita. Las personas sinceras mueren de cara al sol. Como tambiěn aquellos padrinos y madrinas que tienen una relaciớn amorosas con el ahijado, no dejan de ser hipócritas religiosos. Ahora en este milenio habiendo tanto nivel cultural porque pasan estas cosas, si la gran mayoría de nuestros ancestros eran analfabetos a su gran mayoría, y no pasaban estas marramuncias y ahora estas marramuncias modernas de esos religiosos sin escrúpulos, que quieren manchar la imagen de esta religiớn.

Al igual que madres nkisis rayando, atreviéndose a cortarles el cuerpo a las personas, entregando cascaritas vacías, que me digan a mis todas esas madres nkisis profanas, cuales son los rezos, que lleva el fondo de la canasta, y sabiendo bien ellas que eso es una verdadera profanaciớn. Ninguna madre puede entregarle nganga a nadie, entonces para que están los padres facultativos y los tatas nkizas, ellos no están de trofeo ni de adorno en esta religión

Si no saben que estudien que para eso hay libros, personas con grandes conocimientos para que las o los orientes. Pero quieren adquirir fama, haciendo porquerías y profanaciớn, no me puedo explicar, o quiero tratar de entender. Entonces hay dos cosas en común primeramente que en esa cazuela no hay ningún tipo de fundamento, y la otra que están destruyendo el camino de esa persona rayada. Como tambiến he escuchado de personas no alto para andar con esta religiớn estando rayando, si lo que tiene que hacer un gangulero es saber lo que esta haciendo, esta religión viene de los congos brutos, no de hombres delicados.

Es por eso que yo como historiador en mis aňos de mi carrera, nunca vi semejante porquería, hablando groseramente, para que vengan un grupito de desconocidos aquí en este país implantando leyes que no existen en esta religión, y que son imaginación y fantasía.

En Cuba a ningừn hombre delicado lo rayaban, que no vengan a mi cuentos, que yo he vivido los dos ambientes que se viviần en mi ěpoca que si eras bueno tenia que demostrarlo, y como con acciones de pleitos para poder vivir entre los guapos, y no dejarte quitar lo tuyo, como es que ahora esos hombres con defectos amanerados me van a decir que son padres nkisi y tatas, si en Cuba siempre se ha vivido de los principios de hombres, y tambiěn de los principios de las mujeres integras.

Domingo B. Lage, particularmente no creo en esas marramuncias. Yo he visto hombres de ley en casas de palo no jurarlo por solamente alzarle la voz a su madre, como es que ahora quieran decir lo contrario.

Parece que no se han dado cuenta que en el Mariel vino de todo, vinieron personas que en Cuba no eran nada, y aquí se pusieron nombre inventado religioso, como tambiěn sean descubierto a personas que no han sido nada, y le han hecho santo a otros(as), supuestos paleros que no saben ni las propiedades que tiene una hierba.

Y viví tambiến el mundo intelectual, que quiere decir que me he rosado con personas del bajo mundo, llevo mẩs de cuarenta aňo detrás de un mostrador, y conozco muy bien a los clientes, es por eso como religioso,y historiador defiendo las religiones de mano de personas sin principios. A ver quien somos nosotros para hacer transformaciones de las religiones, si nuestros ancestros nos las dejo para llevarla hacia delante, y estamos hiendo para atrás como el cangrejo, vergüenzas nos debe de dar. Por falta de conocimiento en ignorancia, han permitido que se practique algún tipo ceremonia o coronación, ya sea en el palo o en el santo. Sino que son los que no tienen principio que se aprovecha de la necesidad espiritual de las personas. Entonces como Historiador y Escritor, no culpo al que con su inocencia cae en estos engaños de estas personas basuras. Ganguleros (as), es un conjunto de conocimiento, que en la cual tenemos que buscar, para saber lo que vamos a realizar, no hacer las tantas falsas que se hacen.
Es por eso que estamos en peligro de extinciớn, por culpa de un puňadito inexpertos religiosos. No vamos a decir, lo que siempre oímos yo sě, y en realidad se sigue cometiendo los mismos errores, el que sabe no comete errores, porque cuando tu tiene una buena nganga, y comete un error de esa índole, paga con tu vida, pero cuando tiene una basura de nganga no pasa nada, por eso que todos nos ponen un nombre, y hay hasta quien tiene tres, a todo se le debe llamar por su nombre, hipócritas, gusanos sin valor marramuncias lleva y traen porquería, falsos religiosos, facinerosos, traidores a las religiones.
Ese supuesto palerito Federico Ramos Monjía, que ni ideas tienen de como sacarle el nombre arriba de la nganga a sus ahijados. Y mucho meno de ceremonias más complejas como el caso de Margarita Díaz Velázquez, rayada por un supuesto palerito, llamado Federico Ramos que en realidad él esta muy lejo de la verdad religiosa, la rayó, y el nombre que segừn él le dio fuế cuatro paso, cuatro rieles, y cuatro calles, dígame usted lector(a), que nganga va darle esa porquería de nombre a un hijo (a), si todos los nombres tienen su tratado, lo que hay personas que ven hacer hijos a otros, y ellos quieren hacerlo tambiěn, si saber que todo tiene un porquế, ese por quě hay que buscarlo para saberlo, hay quien oye una sirena de un auto, y no saben de donde viene el sonido.

Que si viene de norte o del sur, y dicen que viene del east, sabe como se llama eso, querer imitar. Aprovechando esta escritura tambiěn quiero poner bien en claro que no soy critico, soy defensor de las religiones. Ĕl es otro de los supuestos paleritos hijo de nadie supuesto palerito delicado, tambiến es esos supuestos padrinos que las ahijadas tienen que darle besitos en la boca, como lo hacía Mónica Castillo Longoria, que yo lo vi. en varias ocasiones, y todas las ahijadas de ese palerito tienen que dárselo, meno los hombres, así que señor lector saque su imaginación, que ni principio religioso tiene, ni ética de ser un gangulero, ahora bien donde esta ese tratado que yo nunca lo he visto. Tiembla Tierra sin procedencia, y al enterarme de todas esas marramuncia de ếl, visite su botánica en California, y tiene mầs porquerías que un basurero, de todas esas basuras no se hace una nganga, y tiene a todos los ahijados amenazados que le va a tirar, si el en realidad no tiene ni para él, porque yo siempre digo, mi nganga tiene que protegerme en todo, no como a el, que siempre la justicia lo esta visitando, sea por gusto, o por equivocación, entonces donde esta su sabiduría como gangulero, ya dije, y digo al gangulero que la justicia lo este molestando, lo que tiene no sirve, eso lo dice entuala kongo, le quiero decir a todos esos ahijados de el que no teman, que el no tiene para hacerle daňo a nadie, como sus porquerías no le aviso que le iban a matar a su Bakofula, al querido Pakachana (al sapo), como tambiěn sế que no le hizo el Kinfuite a su bakofuala, eso es porque no sabe, entonces para que se meten a baile, si no saben el pasillo. Esto esta pasando aquí en California, supuestos paleritos, y supuestos tatas nkizas baratos, que nada mầs hacen rayar, y cuando se les muere un ahijado no le hacen el kinfuite sabiendo bien que eso es una cosa muy sagrada, para que el ahijado descanse en paz. Pero como no lo saben hacer, a ellos no les importan, no sabiendo que mientra la nganga estầ de luto no se puede rayar a nadie, y lo hacen, esto es falta de conocimiento, y despuếs lo oye decir que son bárbaros le tengo un nombre de verdad, charlatanes, mentirosos, hipócritas, marramusientos religiosos. Porque cogen a Briyumba para sus descaros, y no saben de Briyumba ni una oncena parte.

Aquí según dicen muchos ser Bakofulas, ahora son bakofulas de dedos o Bakofulas consagrados, porque primeramente el oficio de Bakofula no puede ser todo el mundo, son personas que Kuballende escoge como su confianza.

¡Que es Bakofula?, es un conjunto de sabiduría y conocimiento. Bakofula es una cosa muy sagrada en nuestra religión, y lleva varias ceremonias que estoy seguro que muy pocos saben este tratado ahora bien para hacer este oficio, deben de ir tres madres, un padre facultativo, y un tata nkiza.
Y el tata es el que dirige la ceremonia, ir al cementero a buscar el secreto de Bakofula, en dado caso el único que no va ha esa ceremonia si no quiere es el padrino de ese futuro Bakofula, que lo debe esperar al lado del fundamento.

Cuando lo traigan de hacer todas las ceremonias correspondiente para que sea consagrado como tal. Bakofula tiene catorce títulos.
Y el mayor de todo es Bakofula Amunangando, como yo voy a creer semejante mentira, ahora si fueron consagrados de verdad, entonces que lo demuestren, porque para mi son de papel.

El Bakofula tiene que tener los conocimientos necesarios para ejecutar ese oficio saber de las yerbas y sus propiedades, conocer todas las nkunias(palos), y saber comunicarse con los astros, se rayan hoy, ya mañana dicen que son bakofulas, y tatas sin saber que cada oficio es representado por un tratado, y conocimiento. La palabra Bakofula no sólo quiere decir la confianza del nfumbe, sino es la máxima autoridad en una casa de fundamento, Bakofula no es cualquier cosa, muchas personas confunden una cosa con la otra, la madre nkisi, muchos le dicen madrina, porque tiene ahijado, al igual que madrina nganga es una cosa diferente, pero madrina nganga es otra jerarquía, que también tiene sus ceremonias, que es donde se le da conocimiento también a Kalunga, Suansa a Sabikunanguanza.

Mira criollos no cofundemos el diptongo con el verbillo, todo en nuestra religión tiene su nombre, y un tratado que lo respalda, pero que no vengan con historietas baratas, por un grupito de analfabetos religiosos. Que ellos mismo no comprenden, ni saben los secretos de nuestra religión, primero edúquense, y después trabajen la Briyumba como es, y así nos evitamos de muchos problemas seguimos haciendo todas esas porquerías sin sentido, corremos riesgos de extinción.

No hacer las tantas basura que se hacen en la Unión Americana, y todo es por no pedir ayuda, y todo es por el maldito complejo de superioridad, que en realidad todos esas personas, están muy lejos de la verdad.

Ahora me dirijo hacia las personas que verdaderamente están de corazón en nuestra Religión para que nos pongamos en contactos con el fin de intercambiar conocimientos religiosos.
Yo en mi calidad de Tatandi, invito a todos esos tatas, padres, y madre nkisi que deseen accesoria Religiosa.

Ya que yo estoy en mayor disposición de ayudarlo, accesoraslos y guiarlo Religiosamente, con mis conocimientos dedicación y estudio. Otros de los tantos inventos, de llegar a decir que un espíritu le saque el Ángel de la Guardia a una persona, eso es mentira, cada religión ocupa un terreno diferente ningún espíritu, ni muerto, ni nfumbe puede terminar nada relacionado con el ángel guardián, para eso esta el oráculo, porque en la metafísica hay más aceptación, y una cosa no tiene que ver con la otra.

En lo particular, yo no creo en esas cosas, el espiritismo es una cosa, y el santo es otra, y cual espíritu que dijo eso esta falta de luz, o seria mejor que ese espíritu no venga más a la tierra para querer plantar un confusionismo sin sentido.

Ahora bien yo vengo de una familia espiritualista y nunca he oído semejante mentira, cuando un espíritu de luz baja a la tierra viene a darnos un mensaje de algo que nos avecina no viene a estar formando conflictos religiosos, si ese o esos espiritistas no saben que también existen espíritus burlones, que baja a la tierra a burlarse de ellos.

Pero hay que tener pleno conocimiento en ese campo, para que sucedan esas basuras, o marramuncias. Porque personas a llegado a mi para decirme que un muerto le dijo que esa persona era hijo de tal santo, eso es una gran mentira, ahora que esa persona tenga devoción o afinación con un santo, eso no quiere decir que el ángel de la guardia de esa persona sea ese santo.

Porque mira yo soy de voto de San Lazaro desde niño, y el ángel mi guardia es Elegua, santo que tengo hecho, que lo quiero demasiado, no es ni lo que te diga un espíritu, ni tus padrinos, sino es Ifa, o el Caracol del santo de padrino(a), que son dos que pueden determinar una situación tal delicada como es un ángel de la guardia. También el Gangulero cuando consagra a alguién podrá decir yo creo que esta persona debido al nombre, y el signo que saco arriba nganga puede decir que es hijo de tal santo, pero eso no es seguro.

Porque Lutete no nos dio esa facultad para decidir en un campo que no nos corresponde, lo que pasa que hay muchos religiosos que quieren mezclar el agua con el aceite, para unirla y eso no podrá ser jamás.

Patakin of Naná Burukú.

Patakin of Naná Burukú.
Clarifying that this history is not mine, it is investigated by my, and narrated by Santeros of high knowledge in Cuba Naná owner of the pocetas of fresh water, he/she lived among iris of water of pale you color nenuphars and other beautiful plants enriched with the humidity that ellq said goodbye to.

A good day, when it rested among the brave canes, looking as the birds rollicked in the ambient crystalline lens, it felt a great din. It was Oggún who importuned the peace.

The birds escaped despavoridas and the animals that passed to the long and wide of the poceta they also disappeared. Oggún vío a deer that for the buzzing of the bees, he/she had not noticed of the presence of Oggún and this, brandishing their machete, quizo to catch it to always satiate its present hunger. Naná that all he/she saw it, it was appropriated of their animal body; the nice one, and of a jump he/she showed up before the brave warrior's eyes who, astonished, he/she retired before similar appearance. The grateful deer, told him/her; "Naná, mother of water, from now on I will offer in sacrifice of gratefulness for the good that you have made me and in representation of the whole vast family of the deers. But I request you a favor:

Patakin de Naná Burukú.

Patakin de Naná Burukú.
Aclarando que esta historia no es mía, es investigada por mi, y narradas por Santeros de altos conocimientos en Cuba Naná dueña de las pocetas de agua dulce, vivía entre lirios de agua de pálidos colores nenúfares y otras bellas plantas enriquecidas con la humedad que ellos despedía.

Un buen día, cuando reposaba entre las cañas bravas, mirando como las aves jugueteaban en el cristalino ambiente, sintió un gran estrépito. Era Oggún quien importunaba la paz.

Las aves huyeron despavoridas y los animales que pasaban a lo largo y ancho de la poceta también desaparecieron. Oggún vio un venadito, que por el zumbido de las abejas, no se había percatado de la presencia de Oggún y éste, blandiendo su machete, quiso atraparlo para saciar su siempre presente hambre. Naná, que todo lo veía, se posesionó de su cuerpo animal; el maja, y de un brinco se presentó ante los ojos del bravo guerrero quien, asombrado, se retiró ante semejante aparición. El venadito agradecido, le dijo; “Nana, madre de agua, desde ahora me ofreceré en sacrificio de agradecimiento por el bien que me has hecho y en representación de toda la vasta familia de los venados. Pero te pido un favor:

The History of Ochanlá.

The History of Ochanlá.
I ask if they know that saint's true treaty, maybe many ignoramuses will criticize me for this reason, but in fact I am a writer, and I look for the way of oriental. To many they make the things without knowing, and they ignore, much of the world of that ignored that you/they become sacred today, and tomorrow they want to make the same thing, neither they study to look for knowledge of making it. because he/she looks that I have seen people receive them. And he/she has come him/her the total collapse, as much in the home as in their sentimental life. To receive that saint that is too much delicate, firstly as the godfathers, they don't want to work with the babalawo, neither with the gangulero, for that reason they pass all those strange things, in briyumba a treaty that one makes in the hill exists, for when the person that will receive it doesn't have matrimonial problem. As Ochanlá he/she should live in two tureens, one with their tools, and the other one with her diloggún. Ochanlá is not an easy saint so that they know it well,

Ochanlá should in two tureens, so that it doesn't cause him/her problem the day from ma.ana to which receives it, he/she owes to many people that have received it, for that great prepotentismo of the santeros of not making him/her the treaty of the hill. They have been destroyed, they have lost their house, and their marriage, now Ochanlá is a very pretty saint. But it is necessary to know it to give, firstly I have manoescritos of the ochanla birth.

One of the things that the person that receives it, the first step that should give, is to be respected in if same, with that saint you cannot discuss, and the other step is not to speak very high, no way many tarugadas that you/they speak to each other at many homes calendars. and that he/she doesn't know that treaty that you/they ask it to him some oluo of knowledge godfather and the one that goes her to surrender.

I am a historian of the African religions, non accomplice of anybody, is for that reason that I am guiding them, so that they taste like that that him estàn throwing, if we will guide ourselves for the patakines the histories, we would not make many things that they are not well.

In all the ceremonies of the warring saints. When I speak of warring saints it is of the coronation of those orichas, it is important that an oluo makes the ceremony in the mount, in that warring saint's search, and they don't make it, and that ceremony should make it the babalao or the oluo, all godfather or yirbona he/she makes what you/they taught him/her, but there are many things in the ocha that it is necessary to learn, I neither eat the warriors' many children they don't make him/her the ceremori of the shots in the mount, the because me not you, but to my they made it to me.

Or maybe they will be afraid of making it, and they don't have orumila, they make this way the things and point, the one that pays the broken plates is the godchild, for not making the things com it is due. It is for that reason that many santeros tells me, he/she hears coño you are no longer seen in the drums, and I answer him/her that for the time being it doesn't interest me that naie sees me. Without after all I will listen the same sandece.

That it is of that that he/she speaks bad of so-and-so and of so-and-so, I have told him/her that to hear babosadas and garbages well I stay in my house, I don't listen stupidities, neither lies, while many have a good time I am studying, and looking for knowledge so that tomorrow, he/she doesn't come any musulungo with lies neither cheap comics, and so that to listen lies much less convendencieras.

La Historia de Ochanlá.

La Historia de Ochanlá.
Yo pregunto si saben el verdadero tratado de esa santa, quizás muchos ignorantes me van a criticar por esto, pero en realidad soy escritor, y busco la manera de oriental. A muchos que hacen las cosas sin saber, y desconocen, mucho del mundo de lo desconocido, que se hacen santo hoy, y mañana quieren hacer lo mismo, ni estudian para buscar conocimiento de hacerlo. Porque mira que he visto personas recibirlas. Y le ha venido el derrumbe total, tanto en el hogar como en su vida sentimental. Para recibir esa santa que es demasiada delicada, primeramente como los padrinos, no quieren trabajar con el babalao, ni con el gangulero, por eso pasan todas esas cosas raras, en briyumba existe un tratado que se hace en la loma, para cuando la persona que la vaya a recibir no tenga problema matrimonial. Como Ochanlá debe de vivir en dos soperas, una con sus herramientas, y la otra con el diloggún de ella. Ochanlá no es una santa fácil para que lo sepan bien,

Ochanlá debe en dos soperas, para que no le cause problema el día de maňana al que la recibe, se debe a muchas personas que la han recibido, por ese gran prepotentismo de los santeros de no hacerle el tratado de la loma. Se han destruido, han perdido su casa, y su matrimonio, ahora Ochanlá es una santa muy linda. Pero hay que saberla dar, primeramente tengo manoescritos del nacimiento de ochanla.

Una de las cosas, que la persona que la recibe, el primer paso que debe dar, es respetarse en si misma, con esa santa no se puede discutir, y el otro paso es no hablar muy alto, ni hablar muchas tarugadas, que en muchas casas santorales se hablan. y que no sepa ese tratado que se lo pregunten algún oluo de conocimiento padrino y el que la vaya entregar.

Soy un historiador de las religiones africanas, no cómplice de nadie, es por eso que los estoy orientando, para que sepan a lo que le están tirando, si nos guiaremos por los patakines las historias, no haríamos muchas cosas que no están bien.
En todas las ceremonias de los santos guerreros. Cuando hablo de santos guerreros es de la coronación de esas orichas, es importante que un oluo haga la ceremonia en el monte, en busca de ese santo guerrero, y no la hacen, y esa ceremonia la debe hacer el babalao o el oluo, todo padrino o yirbona hace lo que le enseñaron, pero hay muchas cosas en la ocha que hay que aprender, como tampoco a muchos hijos de los guerreros no le hacen la ceremonia de los tiros en el monte, el porque yo no se, pero a mi me lo hicieron.

O quizás tendrán miedo de hacerla, y no cuentan con orumila, hacen las cosas así y punto, el que paga los platos rotos es el ahijado, por no hacer las cosas como es debido. Es por eso que muchos santeros me dicen, oye coño ya no se te ve en los tambores, y le contesto que por ahora no me interesa que nadie me vea. Sin al fin y al cabo voy a escuchar las misma sandeces.

Que es de aquel que habla mal de fulano y de mengano, le he dicho que para oír babosadas y basuras mejor me quedo en mi casa, no escucho estupideces, ni mentiras, mientras muchos se divierten yo estoy estudiando y buscando conocimiento para que mañana, no venga ningún musulungo con mentiras ni historietas baratas, y para que escuchar mentiras conveniencieras mucho menos

The children of Changó and their sentimental inestabildad

The children of Changó and their sentimental inestabildad
(Seven ray), (Mother Dilutes) they know because when he/she is made sacred Changó to a person.

The great majority only (it salts) stays, because he/she is not made the treaty of Kamumbe, it is a ceremony before the saint that you/they are made by seven serial days to the children of Monkey in the trunk ñanga (palm).

What passes that many santeros doesn't want to work, with the gangulero, and that also passes with the daughters of Yemaya that don't give knowledge to Kalunga neither Burun Guanga, it is for that reason that the children of these saints don't have the matrimonial estabibilidad. If when not making him/her this treaty they lose the happiness. That neither they make the daughters Ochún (Chola) the same thing because in the river important two identities live, and before that person to make him/her saint. It is necessary to give knowledge to those two spirits that you/they live the river.

One is Suansa, and the other one is Sabikunanguansa that Suansua is the main porter of the river, and that many have made errors when visiting him, firstly I want to be very clear.

And before that person go to look for the saint's secret, it is necessary to make ds ceremonies, the first with Suansa, and the second with Sabikunanguansa that is him that gives the stability to the children of Chola guengue. For that reason that you leave so many daughters of chola sólas, without girlfriend (or), and if he/she has husband when they become sacred, and he/she doesn't make that treaty they fight, the same as many children of Ochún, when a gangulero, or the one that is visit the one laughed like I enter it should leave this way, many that go to the river him first that they make it is to give the back to the spirit of Suansa, and that is a lack of respect. What should make all visitor is to take seven back steps, and before to request him/her the blessing, and to continue their march, but I am for sure more than three we have been necessary that.

I have many documents that make express this way me, it is for that reason that if we are religious truly, that is to say the very this histories as they are, and not to adulterate them.

Many think that taking rights, and adimuses to Chola (Ochún) thinks that all this well, if you give the back to those two identities, that offering that you take him/her maybe she has not found out, our religions are composed of mysteries and secrets.

But it is necessary to make well so that that mystery transforms into development, and stability.

Now then reader (ra.), tell me how many or how many saint's children they are only (to), with the desire of having a partner (or). And he finds difficult to find it.

If formerly the santero worked together with Babalao, and with Mayombero, what happens that here they want to make the easiest thing, or rather to make what gives the desire to the godfathers (ace), without caring him/her that they go to make unhappy to the godchild (to). And that goes here by the complex of superiority, and the prepotentismo that many santeros lives in the United States. Others of the things and when I speak, I speak based to the treaties, histories and patakines, as they want to call him/her that they are not for pleasure.

This treaty four people only know here it in California, Lázaro Alfaro, the tata of Saraband Mundollende, Alberto Espinosa, and Misleidy B. Peñalver, Mother Nkisi, and that treaty gives it to him me, and if another that says comes out that he/she has it, and be santero I will ask him/her. Then the because their goddaughter lives in that uncertainty.

Not there been still here any godfather that that explains to it to the godchild, if our ancestros made it and they lasted many years, something really has those treaties, and patakines.

I knew in Cuba many daughters of Monkey and they have died together from old to their husbands (ace). To make this ceremony it is needed seven days, to give knowledge to different deities that I am for sure many don't make it or they don't know this treaty that you/they were married with daughters of Yemaya, and the only separation that there was fué that their husband (to), and they died from old next to them as the case of Dominga Lage (Omilana, and of José Antonio B. Pérez (Obangoche) that lasted 60 years of married with my mother and my father's separation was that he/she died the day June 6 from the one 1976. Then this treaty works if or not, of my grandfather Diego Lage (Oyardina), and of my grandmother Luisa Beita (Ochun Toki), and my grandmother buried my grandfather when me taenia veintiún year, and if we go to speak of California, we cannot forget Mrs. María I Kill that has I toss Yemaya, and her husband taenia made Monkey, and they had of married but of 45 years.

Then tell me you reader (to) where this the mechanics of this treaty, don't love us to cover the sun with a finger that the distance this very lejo, then because that doesn't happen here.

Make me you the favor reader (ra), you take out same their own conclusions, know because those marriages lasted of before, because they made the things very well, that that nowadays the godfathers live a selfishness with their godchildren, and in fact they are them same that their godchildren are unhappy in the love, for not making the things well, and many of their godchildren throw away the saints, and the saints don't have the blame of those godfathers inspector.

What you/they taught me to my those old ones me cost cries, and cries, so that they come these prepotentes to be wanted to be made the sages in these religions, with cheap excuses that in my he/she marries he/she makes this way. So that a person, have happiness in her sentimental life, and be married (to), and have to become saint, and don't lose her couple, you/he/she is necessary to make this treaty for seven serial days, and you/he/she is not to make it, but knowing it to make, with all her sacred ceremonies.

And this says it, so that tomorrow doesn't come out as those that are plentiful somewhere around, people without scruples saying me you that treaty being lie, because those that we know this treaty are very careful. Because truly we look after our heart Religion, and we don't agree on publishing it, there are many people that he likes to imitate to the other ones.

And that they don't come with stories managueros that in a spiritual mass a dead came and he/she told it to him, because that is lie, since many have lost him/her the respect to the spirits, and they are able to tell it my dead he/she told it to me this way, and that is lie that you/they are many that unfortunately should not be in this religion. That they are all those people that feed of the suffering of other, and I don't agree with those cheap marramuncias.

I already said it I am a man that I was born of the debris, and that it doesn't fit him/her doubt I am this way, although I am living in the United States. Am I Religious Traditional, and is my ambition of giving to the religions its values that many don't know neither because they call themselves religions?

Because here there are many sages, and because they had not made it previous what happens that they hope somebody speaks of a treaty he/she stops later to say me the wise thing.

I saw at home of my family, santeras that sent me has to remain silent, because a babalao had ended up visiting her, and that that I was a boy, tiny and big we had to request to that gentleman, that pretty respect, what nowadays everything transforms into a lack of respect. That that now is a modernism or a disorder. Deceased Cusita, Ochun Cayorde she was the one that wanted to become saint, together with my godmother Munda that of Guanabacoa that the first that put me saint's necklaces, and to be in that cheap guapería.

Not I let them to make me sacred that from boy they saw me grow, cusita also died next to its husband chacho that that all Guanabacoa knows it, then I wonder that it happens here, with the saints and the secrets.

All complete one is made or not, it is that nothing else to make sacred to the godchild (to) and then their godchild's happiness where is. Firstly I have many documents full with secrets that before they were not disclosed by those old ones, but now the moment that you/they know it already arrive; For that reason I will continue writing so that all our siblings should know the truth of the religions that you/they belong.

Then we will be us the culprits of a without end of made errors, and accomplices of the misery of our godchildren. I am a very godfather different to all, my godchildren can go to where you plazca, because that of them this well tosses, non omo those godfathers that tell to their godchildren, don't go to so-and-so's house, neither of so-and-so, then those godfathers hide something.

Or others of the so many things that he/she doesn't speak with the santero Mr. So-and-so, because maybe that santero can tell him/her the truth of many things that maybe they have not made, you this living in a completely erroneous world, for that reason many siblings that he/she has several years have seen. And they don't know how to give neither coconut, that is their godfathers' blame, and they don't have another epithet that is that of the selfishness, to have the godchild in the darkness.

Los hijos de Changó y su inestabilidad sentimental

Los hijos de Changó y su inestabilidad sentimental .

(SieteRayo), (Madre Agua),saben porque cuando se le hace santo Changó a una persona. La gran mayoría se quedan sólo(a), porque no se le hace el tratado de Kamumbe, es una ceremonia antes del santo a los hijos de Chango, en el tronco ñanga (palma). Lo que pasa que muchos santeros no quieren trabajar, con el gangulero, y eso también pasa con las hijas de Yemaya que no le dan conocimiento a Kalunga ni a Burun Guanga, es por eso que los hijos de estos santos no tienen la estabibilidad matrimonial.

Si al no hacerle este tratado pierden la felicidad, que tampoco le hacen a las hijas Ochún(Chola), lo mismo porque en el rio viven dos identidades importantísimos, y antes de esa persona hacerle santo. Hay que darle conocimiento a esos dos espíritus que viven el río, uno es Suansa, y el otro es Sabikunanguansa, que Suansua es el portero principal del río, y que muchos hemos cometidos errores al visitarlo, primeramente quiero ser bien claro.

Y antes de esa persona ir a buscar el secreto del santo, hay que hacer ds ceremonias, la primera con Suansa, y la segunda con Sabikunanguansa que es él que le da la firmeza a los hijos de Chola guengue. Por eso que se ve tantas hijas de chola solas, sin novia (o), y si tiene esposo cuando se hacen santo, y no hace ese tratado se pelean, al igual que muchos hijos de Ochún, cuando un gangulero, o el que sea visita el río como entro asi debe de salir, muchos que van al río lo primero que hacen es darle la espalda al espíritu de Suansa, y eso es una falta de respeto, lo que debe de hacer todo visitante es dar siete pasos de espalda, y antes pedirle la bendición, y continuar su marcha, pero yo estoy seguro que más de tres hemos hecho esa falta. Tengo muchos documentos que hacen expresarme así, es por eso que si somos religioso en verdad, es decir las historias bien dichas como son, y no adulterarlas. Muchos piensan que llevándole derechos, y adimuses a Chola (Ochún) piensan que todo esta bien, si usted le da la espalda a esas dos identidades, esa ofrenda que usted le llevo quizás ella no se haya enterado, nuestras religiones se componen de misterios y secretos.

Pero hay que hacerlo bien, para que ese misterio se convierta en desenvolvimiento, y estabilidad.
Ahora bien lector (a), dígame cuantas o cuantos hijos de santo se encuentran sólo(a), con el afán de tener una compañera(o) y le cuesta muchísimo trabajo encontrarlo.

Si antiguamente el santero trabajaba en conjunto con el Babalao, y con el Mayombero, lo que pasa que aquí quieren hacer lo más fácil, o mejor dicho hacer lo que le da la gana a los padrinos(as), sin importarle que van hacer infeliz al ahijado(a). Y eso pasa aquí por el complejo de superioridad, y el prepotentismo que vive muchos santeros en los Estados Unidos.

Otras de las cosas y cuando yo hablo, hablo basado a los tratados, historias y patakines, como le quieran llamar que no están por gusto. Este tratado solamente lo saben cuatro personas aquí en California, Lazaro Alfaro, el tata de Zarabanda Mundollende, Victor Lugones, Guardiero Nganga, y Misleidy B. Peñalver, Madre Nkisi, y ese tratado se lo entregue yo, y si sale otro que dice que lo tenga, y sea santero, le voy a preguntar, entonces el porque su ahijada vive en esa incertidumbre. No habido todavía aquí ningún padrino, que eso se lo explique al ahijado, si nuestros ancestros lo hacían y duraban muchísimos años, algo tienen esos tratados, y patakines de verdad. Conocí en Cuba muchas hijas de Chango, y han muerto de viejos juntos a sus esposos(as). Para hacer esta ceremonia se necesita siete dias, darle conocimiento a diferentes deidades, que estoy seguro que muchos no lo hacen, que estaban casadas con hijas de Yemaya y la única separación que hubo fue que sus esposo, y murieron de viejos junto a ellas como el caso de Dominga Lage (Omilana y de José Antonio B. Perez (Obangoche), que duraron 60 años de casado y la separación de mi padre fue que murió el día 6 de Junio del 1976. Entonces ese tratado funciona, de mi abuelo Diego Lage (Oyardina), y de mi abuela Luisa Beita (Ochun Toki), y mi abuela enterró a mi abuelo cuando yo tenia veintiún años, y si vamos hablar de California, no nos podemos olvidar de la señora María Mato, que tiene echo Yemaya, y su esposo tenia hecho Chango, y tenían de casado mas de 45 anos.

Entonces dígame usted lector(a) donde esta la mecánica de este tratado, no queramos tapar el sol con un dedo que la distancia esta muy lejos, entonces porque eso no pasa aquí. Hágame usted el favor lector (a),saquen ustedes mismo sus propias conclusiones, saben porque duraban esos matrimonios de ante, porque hacían muy bien las cosas, lo que hoy en día los padrinos viven un egoísmo con sus ahijados, y en realidad son ellos mismo que sus ahijados sean infelices en el amor, por no hacer bien las cosas, y muchos de sus ahijados botan los santos, y los santos no tienen la culpa de esos padrinos inespector. Lo que me enseñaron a mi esos viejos me costo lagrimas, y llantos, para que vengan estos prepotentes a quererse hacer los sabios en estas religiones, con excusas baratas que en mi casa se hace así. Porque aquí hay muchos sabios, y porque no lo han hecho. Yo veía en casa de mi familia, santeras que me mandaban ha callar, porque había llegado un babalao a visitarla, y eso que yo era un niño, chiquito y grande teníamos que pedirle a ese señor, aquel lindo respeto, lo que hoy en día todo se convierte en una falta de respeto. Lo que ahora es un modernismo o un desorden. La difunta Cusita, Ochun Cayorde ella era la que quería hacerme santo, junto con mi madrina Munda la de Guanabacoa, que la primera que me puso los collares de santo, y por estar en aquella guapearía barata. No deje que me hicieran santo, que desde niño ellas me vieron crecer, cusita también murió junto a su esposo chacho que eso lo sabe todo Guanabacoa, entonces yo me pregunto que pasa aquí, con los santos y los secretos.

Se hace todo completo o no, es que nada mas hacer santo al ahijado (a) y entonces la felicidad de su ahijado en donde queda. Primeramente tengo muchos documentos llenos de secretos que antes no fueron divulgados por esos viejos, pero ahora ya llego el momento que lo sepan; Por eso voy a seguir escribiendo para que todos nuestros hermanos deban de saber la verdad de las religiones que pertenecen. Entonces seremos nosotros los culpables de un sin fin de errores cometidos, y cómplices de la infelicidad de nuestros ahijados. Soy un muy padrino diferente, mis ahijados pueden ir a donde se plazca, porque lo de ellos esta bien echo, no Omo esos padrinos que le dicen a sus ahijados, no vaya a casa de fulano, ni de mengano, entonces esos padrinos ocultan algo. O otras de las tantas cosas, que no hable con el santero fulano de tal, porque quizás ese santero le puede decir la verdad de muchas cosas que quizás no han hecho, se esta viviendo en un mundo totalmente erróneo, por eso he visto muchos hermanos que tiene varios anos. Y no saben dar ni coco, eso es culpa de sus padrinos, y no tienen otro calificativo, que es el del egoísmo, para tener al ahijado en la oscuridad.